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Kingsman Aims to Give Startups Royal Treatment

by Raven Davis

Your brand is, arguably, the most important part of you and your business. It’s your identity, your personality. It’s what people remember about you and what keeps them remembering. It’s an important part of every company, but especially for startups, which, in most cases, must pitch and sell their brand to potential investors in order to survive. Enter the Kingsman Group –a self-proclaimed “pop culture lab” focused on the rebranding of a clientele ranging from single entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. The branding agency, based out of Atlanta, has a particular interest in startups. We recently got the chance to chat with them and got the lowdown about their company and their efforts to collaborate with the startup community.

Year/Date Founded:
Fall 2012

Number of Employees:


Mark Hill, Chairman and Chief Design Officer

Richard Curtis, President and CEO

Christine King, Chief Marketing Officer

Your Pitch:
We take small brands and make them look like Fortune 500 companies.

How does ATL weave into your story?
I actually love Atlanta because there’s an air of creativity here that’s unique to the city. There are so many entrepreneurs from all over the country who’ve come here because they see the same potential in the city that I do. You can definitely make your own lane here and, with the right strategy, achieve exponential growth.

What services do you offer?
Our core services are based around design. Our web/mobile design, brand identity, and fashion/retail lookbooks  are the key services people hire us for. Our brand transformation services are our favorite things to work on. We get to see the before-and-afters and the reaction they and their customers have to their new look and feel.

We’re looking to expand our base to product and industrial design services, as we are starting to work with startups that are making hardware in addition to the software that powers it. Overall, we love working with creative people, from musicians and fashion designers to coders and physical product engineers.

In what ways does your creative agency cater to startups?
We not only help them with making incredible design elements, we help them with the foundation of their business structure. We act a lot more like a board member or an advisor to startups we work with We end up giving advice on everything from packaging to customer acquisition strategy to potential partnerships, etc. In certain situations where we feel the company we’re working with has highly scalable upside potential, we’re open to working with them for a reduced up front fee in lieu of equity.

We know startups are always strapped for resources so we go out of our way to help share contacts, resources, and services in the best way we can to help out entrepreneurs.

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