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Keep Listening | Muusical Makes Streaming Greater

by Jasmine Jacobs

The rad guys at Muusical were covered on Hype last year about their revolutionary app that combines Soundcloud, Vimeo and YouTube tracks into daily top hits lists. They’ve rolled out a new javascript player for users that makes the great even greater.

We caught up with Patrick Bradley to get the scoop.

The new update is a persistent player which works continuously throughout the site. A user can begin playing a song or playlist and then click around, make comments, or vote and the player will continue to play. Previously, Muusical had a dedicated playlist view which was nice but didn’t afford the user the ability to use the site and listen to the playlists, simultaneously. The other big upgrade that the new player brings is that any set of songs on any page is now a potential playlist. Just clicking play on a song on a page will load all the songs on the page into the player as a new list. These songs can be the top songs of the day, the results of a search, or really anything. It’s dynamic, flexible, simple and smooth.

This was done largely due to user requests for the site to allow them to browse the site while listening to music. Needless to say, aside from taking user requests seriously Muusical takes other strides to make their music streaming site different.

The real differentiator of Muusical is the community. The type of interactions between our users and curation of daily lists of the best music is what sets us apart from sites like songdrop.com and whyd.com as well as apps like Spotify or Google Play Music. Although upgrading the player is focused on the listening aspect of the site, we think it’s greatest benefit is seamlessly integrating the music listening with the community

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