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Have it YourWela: Financial Advice for Investors at Every Level

by Laura Lindeman

YourWela should be in the digital rolodex of anyone concerned with their financial health (which should be everyone). Founded by Matt Reiner, Mitch Reiner, and Wes Moss in 2013, this bootstrapped company specializes in helping you understand your finances. Combined with the investment management of Wela Strategies, founded in 2008, the technology-driven YourWela provides a level of one-on-one attention lacking from many online-only financial service providers.

YourWela is a hybrid of mint.com and FitBit, allowing people to examine their entire financial landscape in one spot. The application provides the ability to set personalized goals, whether it is saving for a house downpayment, starting a college fund for Junior, getting out of debt, or chipping away at your first million. Wela plays the role of financial coach, tracking your goals and providing accountability to help you accomplish whatever it takes to become financially sound. And, customers have the ability to talk with a real person at any point throughout the process.

The YourWela platform gives its users access to quality, objective, and down-to-earth financial advice no matter the amount of assets they have. This service used to be limited to high-earners through big name Wall Street firms, a market YourWela says was built on the idea of delivering financial advice across the mahogany table. Discount brokerage firms like Schwab and Fidelity brought it to the masses. YourWela simplifies access even further by bringing it into the digital realm. Wela’s sister company, Capital Investment Advisors, has been offering manual, in-person financial strategy and management since 1994. The new platform leverages technology to efficiently deliver relevant and personalized financial guidance to folks investing at any level.

It is completely free to use YourWela.com. Within the application, users can access investment management services from Wela Strategies at a 1% annual fee based on the amount of assets being managed. If you amass more than $250,000, the fee drops to 0.9%.

When asked what sets YourWela apart, the YourWela team contrasts their platform with companies delivering complete technology solutions—robo operations with no human interaction—and companies that provide individualized information but no support on the implementation. YourWela is a full-service digital advisor, coupling the best technology has to offer with a high level of personalized attention. Right now the company is focusing on the Atlanta market, with a strong emphasis on building relationships with their users.

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