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Kim Jong Un(icorn) | Brought to You by an ATL Game Developer

by Jasmine Jacobs

An Atlanta game developer is producing a satirical 16-bit run ‘n’ gun computer game that allows you to attack America as Kim Jong Un while riding a unicorn. Wow.

The Nuts and Bolts: 

  • The game Glorious Leader! is being whipped up by local indie game developer Moneyhorse LLC.
  • Moneyhorse founder, Jeff Miller, is a 12+ year video game industry veteran. The Guardian says that Jeff “was motivated to develop the game by his fascination with North Korea. He says he wanted to find a new way to tell the country’s story, and to get people across the world talking about the secretive nation.”
  • The game development is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter (w/ 9 days and $37.000 left to raise). Their ask: “The Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un, commands you to stop playing inferior western games and take up arms in defense of our great nation. Glorious Leader!, a stunning marvel of cutting-edge 16-bit graphics and sound, chronicles the incredible, but true tale of the defeat of the entire imperialist army at the hands of Kim Jong Un.”

Check out the incredible donor swag:


  • LExGO comments that Miller “has no plans to cancel his zany creation in the wake of a cyberattack and threats of violence against Sony Pictures that the FBI has attributed to North Korea.”
  • Miller said he hasn’t received any threats and he isn’t afraid of any backlash because the game makes Kim Jong Un “look totally awesome.”
And what inappropriate game is complete without an equally inappropriate trailer?

[Photos Pulled From Kickstarter Page]

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