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How This Startup Elevates the Traditional Before/After Photo for the Aesthetic Industry

by Muriel Vega

Americans spent more than $15 billion in cosmetic plastic surgery in 2018. And with the rise of social media, potential patients have more access to before/after photos, reviews, and in-depth stories to judge and choose their doctor.

But unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s difficult to nail down the exact right doctor. Certain physicians may have experience only on certain procedures, skin types, issues, or results.

“We saw that when patients were going to a med spa or a medical practice for certain types of aesthetic or surgery procedures, they were given stock images from industry — flyers or old images from providers that weren’t really relating to them,” says Faraz Zubairi, who previously founded a telehealth company.

“If I’m a male with a certain skin type looking to get a scar reduction, I’d like to find relatable or comparable types of outcomes from that doctor. It just helps drive comfort and trust from a patient’s perspective.”

HumazeMD puts the doctor’s real patient outcomes up front and center.

“There was a gap in the industry on how before and after pictures could really be the best asset that doctors had. They’re artists in many respects. Why not showcase your art in the best way possible and on an interactive real-time way?”

According to the HumazeMD team, 69 percent of patients want to see more than 11 before/after photos before choosing a procedure. On the web-based platform, the doctor can upload and tag their photos with type of treatment, skin type and color, patient age, and other features.

The physicians can manage all the content, take the photos, and share on social media from the app.

On the patient side, the app will allow them to filter photos by desired treatment, skin type and results to see relatable images to their own situation. They also can access a range of doctors and treatments that they might not have come across otherwise.

The startup claims that this helps doctors both increase consultations and close the sales cycle faster.

They’ve been building industry partnerships as well, most recently with aesthetic medical device provider Cartessa Aesthetics.

“From a promotion and an awareness standpoint,  consumers can now be aware of different types of products and services to see and request,” says Zubairi.

The HumazeMD software is currently live nationwide with over 10,000 photos on its platform. They remain bootstrapped for now and open to conversations with investment partners.

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