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HouseDox Tools Out Handymen for Hire

by Kristyn Back

If we found time to master handiwork, our dishwasher would run, our decks would be stained, and everything from our weed whackers to our automobiles would be tuned. But since many of us are inept in the tool department, we are faced with finding a service provider to do the dirty work for us and it’s hard to know who to hire. With spring in full swing, those home repairs you’ve been putting off all winter need tending to. HouseDox helps you find the best providers in the biz, based on reviews, availability, price, and reputation.

Hear from Founder Matt Dranove on how the HouseDox platform helps ham-handed homeowners connect with the best fix-it aficionados for any job.

How did you get the idea for HouseDox?
HouseDox began as a concierge service for busy homeowners and combines my experience working in the industries HouseDox serves, with a talent and yearning for making connections and finding deals. I’ve long known of the headwinds locally owned home service providers encounter in acquiring and maintaining quality customers. Through my own home ownership, I’ve begun to understand the struggles from the consumer viewpoint in that there was no streamlined process to timely procure top-rated, reputable service providers.

What’s your pitch?
Simply put, HouseDox connects homeowners with reputable service providers. We accomplish this with a convenient and transparent platform that streamlines the vendor selection process by offering consumers a one-stop site to get pre-negotiated rates from pre-screened providers. For service providers, HouseDox produces quality leads that convert at a high rate because it allows consumers to select the specific provider to complete the job based on honest reviews, availability, price, and reputation. The HouseDox model of transparent pricing from top-rated providers is unique to the industry and empowers consumers to make informed decisions and complete home-repair projects sooner.

What problem are you trying to solve?

For Homeowners:

  • The vetting process of procuring a service provider for most homeowners is inefficient and delays vendor selection by days. This current process includes seeking referrals from friends and neighbors, conducting internet research, and contacting multiple providers for quotes.
  • Leading lead generation sites are not selective in screening-out service providers, they merely check for appropriate licensing, verify identity, and conduct criminal record and sex offender search.
  • Lead generators often provide bids from freelance contractors who are cheap but unreliable and not suitable for the consumer willing to pay a fair price for high-quality, guaranteed work.

For Service Providers

  • Most pay-per-lead companies sell each lead to multiple vendors which result in a low lead-to-sale conversion rate.
  • Industry leading pay-per-lead companies sell poorly vetted inquiries rather than a booked appointment.

Describe the market/industry impact:
The market for local home services for metro Atlanta’s $2 million households is about $5 billion. The total US market is estimated to be $400 billion. By partnering with well-established regional and franchised brands, HouseDox is positioned to quickly expand into new markets by leveraging existing relationships. We have already begun such discussions with service providers in other southeastern cities who have requested our partnership in growing their businesses.

What’s your revenue model? 
HouseDox is generating recurring revenue from our service providers through monthly subscriptions in addition to transaction-based fees. Future revenue opportunities will be driven from page placement, advertising, and content creation.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
We compete against many players on a national and local scale, namely HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and Pro.com, among others. However, none of these are providing a transparent platform which enables a consumer to get pre-negotiated rates from pre-screened providers, and book an appointment all in the same session.

Funding or bootstrapped:
HouseDox launched and made it through a proof of concept and beta stage by bootstrapping the business. We recently began the process of seeking an Angel round that will enable us to focus heavily on sales and marketing, both in acquiring new customers and also expanding our portfolio of qualified service providers.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?
We love Atlanta! Upon launching we initially focused on the north Metro suburbs, but word quickly spread and from early on we have been serving homeowners from Stockbridge to Cumming and Douglasville to Lawrenceville…and all points in between.

Need some help on your spring projects? Find your perfect repair extraordinaire on HouseDox and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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