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Hirewire Innovatively Works the Labor Out of Finding Jobs and Staff

by Kiki Roeder

“Let your next job find you.”

The simplicity of the Hirewire mission is what makes it innovative. The new startup, which raised $2 million is just weeks last August, creates an on-demand marketplace for restaurant and service employers to connect seamlessly to candidates. Don’t be confused, it isn’t another middleman career platform to send employers. Hirewire is the resume, preliminary interview, references, and application criteria all in one sortable and efficient app. It is locking the revolving door of hiring staff, making it easier to be seen by employers, and saving everyone a ton of time in the process.

Sorting Success

“As an employer, instead of posting an ad on a job board, waiting for people to apply, and then getting hundreds of emails flooding your inbox – only to find that maybe five candidates are qualified – I can simply search,” said Chau Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Hirewire. Nguyen went on to explain that the beauty of Hirewire is an algorithm that matches employers to applicants by job type, pay, location, shift, experience, and skill-set.

“In real time, the app will only serve up candidates that match my exact criteria and I can see how far away they are. People aren’t going to drive an hour away for an hourly position. Then, I can read reviews of what former employers have said about that candidate. I can see things like work ethic, accountability, punctuality, and job history.”hirewire-employers

Video Kills the Paper Star

The video component, a built-in prompt that asks each job-hopeful four typical interview questions, knocks the service to the stratosphere over other job boards or career service apps.

“As an employer, I can essentially meet someone without actually having to meet someone,” said Chau. “The beauty of this for the employer is that they didn’t have to go through a bunch of emails, phone-screen someone, and then bring them in for what is the equivalent of a blind date. Here, they can see the video and do it on their own time.”

Hirewire is specifically designed to address Millennials who make up 80% of all the hourly workers in the U.S. “Millennials tend not to like to talk on the phone or meet in person, they’d rather text or Snapchat. This really caters to them. Now, they can be comfortable doing what they are doing anyway, like taking selfies.”

With its ease of use, the application, which beta-launched in December 2015, is already seeing acquisition results. Service workers are flocking with recent hires by restaurants across the region attributed to the Atlanta Tech Village startup.


Experience Earns Results

The quick growth of Hirewire is undoubtedly the result of its founders’ experience. This is the second business venture for Chau, who successfully sold his first campus staffing startup to a West Coast company a few years ago. “My cofounder, Jim Garret, has been in technology for 20-30 years. He had a lot of contacts of people who invested in his ventures as successful exits. So, really between the two of us, we had a lot of credibility,” explained Chau.

“The biggest draw was, we knew how big a problem hiring was, and we were confident that we had the right solution. So, we combined this product vision with our experience and the ability to execute. We were able to raise that money in two weeks.”

With funds in pocket and a beta launch fully in force, Hirewire is conquering the first quarter of 2016 with efforts to get users, populate the market place, and validate its business model. They are hitting the pavement with both digital strategies and in-person street teams to gain momentum and traction before raising a Series A later this year.

“This business is all about metrics, numbers and success rates, but, for us, it doesn’t matter if we get a download. It is really about helping people find jobs,” said Chau. “So far, we are really confident that we are on the right path.”

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