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Harken Health Breaks the Healthcare Business Model

by Kristyn Back

No one likes to get sick, but with cold and flu season knocking on our doors, it’s bound to happen. Runny noses and coughing aside, the biggest headache is often from two providers meant to help you when you’re down – insurance and healthcare. On January 1, Harken Health will open its doors in Atlanta and Chicago with a vision to reestablish lasting connections between doctors and patients. We recently caught up with Co-Founder & CEO, Tom Vanderheyden to talk about the 6 centers launching in Atlanta and how they’re changing the game of healthcare.

“We create a quarterback for patients within the healthcare system,” explained Vanderheyden. “We don’t want you to ever think about getting care, we want you to be able to make a knee jerk phone call at any time no matter where you are.”

Harken Health provides 24/7 access to a healthcare team, which offers primary care and behavior specialty programs built into their services. The centers take a very holistic approach to ensure patients receive the best mind and body treatments. Centers also have a member portal and app so patients have easy access to their health information. Not to mention, membership without coinsurance and copays.

HarkenHealth_Day1_Shot5_1342 copy“We want care to be simple so patients can understand what they bought, how to use it, and in return receive a high level of care provided by our team. Harken Health strives to offer an experience designed around the patient, not insurance or regulations, which are often points of abrasion in the system today.”

The Harken Health team consists of doctors, health coaches, and behavioral health specialists dedicated to building authentic and trusting relationships with members. A unique aspect of the model are the health coaches built into the process to work alongside patients before, during, and after a visit. The outcome is a deeper level of care with a health professionals who know and understand the ins and outs of the treatment each patient needs.

“We took this team structure and focused on experience. With healthcare today, staff are working on the medical record, not the patients themselves. The care team at Harken is empowered to listen and build authentic and trusting relationships with members. Transactional care has a place, but we don’t believe that’s the answer people value most.”

Individuals can enroll now through January 31. Learn more about Harken Health’s membership plans here and stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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