Ground Work: ZPM Espresso

A few years ago, Georgia Tech-alum Gleb Polyakov, Igor Zamlinsky, and Janet Tambasco discovered a gap between commercial coffee-makers and coffee-consumers. Dissatisfied with the economics of coffee-making and the outdated technology of espresso machines, they decided to create a new way to enjoy coffee.

Their solution was the ZPM Nocturn. A reengineered espresso machine that is able to bridge the gap through between brewers and drinkers, and make great coffee accessible to those who can’t bring themselves to shelve out a grand on espresso.

The Scoop

  • In 2012 they launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at collecting $20,000 and, eventually raised $369,569 with over 1500 backers by its deadline in 2012.
  • Was a winner at last November’s Pitchcamp hosted by Four Athens and Startup Lounge
  • Even though they are still currently working with the beta version of the machine, they’ve already generated $500 grand from presales
  • The code for their machine will be open-source!

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