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Shaglam | No Beauty School Dropouts Here

by Kristyn Back

Salons are a time suck – you walk in at noon and next thing you know it’s 3:00. Plus, services in the city get pricey so you’re probably driving out to Smyrna and tacking on at least another hour to your three-hour soirée. While we aren’t quite on the same playing field as Jane Jetson’s ten-second makeover, with Shaglam you can now receive beauty TLC in the comfort of your own home. At Hype we love couch-surfing in our PJ’s (and looking good doing it), so when we heard beauty could be delivered to our doorstep we were sold.

Raina Gaon is Shaglams Founder, CEO, and “GlamPro” extraordinaire. Gaon is a stylist by day, tech novice by night – on a mission to create a platform perfect for Atlantans hoping to get glammed. Think of Shaglam like you would Uber, but with a makeover twist. As Gaon explains, “Atlanta residents and visitors can request a Shaglam “GlamPro” on their mobile device to come to their home, office, or hotel room for salon quality hair and makeup services at the click of a button.”

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If you’re a stylist/beautician, Shaglam allows you to set your own availability and provides a flexible work schedule (full or part-time). “The app serves as a portal for stylists to display their digital portfolio by showcasing images and client ratings of their work. Our GlamPros are the best in the business and have gone through backgrounds checks and multiple rounds of training. Shaglam’s focus is to provide its clients with the safest, most luxurious at-home beauty service around. Unlike its competitors, Shaglam is completely personalized to both stylist and clients. Stylists set their own prices and clients can search through the app to find the GlamPro that’s right for them based on their digital portfolio, previous reviews and price.”

Native stylist, Gaon, is excited to be part of the tech scene here in Atlanta. “This is the perfect place for an on-demand beauty app. You don’t need to be famous to have your own personal glam team. Salon quality service is now at your fingertips.”

Shaglam is available in the App Store and Google Play. Download today and #GetGlammedNow.

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