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Gensler | Designing a Better Startup World

by Klaire Wesolowski

Gensler is well known in Atlanta for its design projects with both big and small companies in a variety of industries and project types. The Gensler team partners with innovators and creators to help optimize their space and their business outcomes. Gensler’s Senior Interior Designer, Chen-Hui Spicer, recently relocated to Atlanta from DC and Beijing to work with small tech companies and she’s bringing her corporate knowledge to the startup world. We caught up with Spicer (pictured below) to learn more.


The Pitch:
Our technology sector experience gives Gensler unique insight not only into the kind of environments that best support technology companies today, but top trends and concerns that will impact how you will work in the future. Gensler has been a leading provider of design services to technology companies since the mid-1980s. Our ongoing relationships with top technology companies like Google, Intel, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Intuit, Nokia, HP, and many others, have expanded beyond California to new cities and ventures around the world. For instance, our Atlanta office has been working with PGi and Atlanta Tech Village.

Gensler has conducted deep research and benchmarking in the technology sector, which helps us understand the actual needs and business goals of tech companies. This is crucial to designing space that optimizes the performance of your company.

How does ATL weave into your story?
We have led several tech and media projects in the last few years, including Atlanta Tech Village, PGi, and CSE.

As Senior Interior Designer, Spicer partners with her clients to develop an overall concept and she then oversees the development and execution of the intricate details that make each project reach its full potential. Along with Jordan Goldstein, in Gensler’s Washington, DC office, Chen-Hui is leading Gensler’s work with technology companies in the South East. Fully embracing this role, she moved to Atlanta and has fulfilled her desire to work with small tech companies and revisit her southern roots (originally from Alabama).

What services do you offer?
Gensler works with clients on a variety of project types, from base building architecture to interior architecture design to workplace strategy consulting and even brand and environmental graphics design. We have experience with large tech companies and also small business tech companies. We like to partner with innovators and creators to help optimize their space and their business outcomes.

In what ways does Gensler cater to startups?
Gensler caters to startups by organizing itself in a manner that resonates. Within our offices are smaller studios that group people by the type of work they focus on and the clients they service. This approach enables Gensler to bring the best of both worlds to every client, startups especially. We can offer the power of a 46-office firm that is interconnected across clients and projects behind a smaller studio that will own a project from design to implementation and provide a small business experience to the client.

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