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Tech Alpharetta’s Latest Graduate Looks To Non-Invasively Treat Back Pain

by Maija Ehlinger

Pain management is, well, a big pain for millions of Americans.

From their headquarters in Alpharetta, the medical and software engineering team behind FUSMobile is tackling lower back pain through sound waves and high-intensity ultrasound technology. As co-founder Arik Hananel told Hypepotamus, FUSMobile uses “acoustic energy in a focal manner, very similar to a magnifying glass.” As a sound wave entering the body, it allows for non-invasive medical procedures without destroying non-targeted tissue.

Hannannel told Hypepotamus that FUSMobile looks to differentiate itself from other medical device companies in the space by creating “a platform which is equivalent to a personal computer, meaning a device that is accessible to every clinician, something that a clinician can take with him and carry everywhere.” He added that “we created a system that is a commercially sensible alternative in the market. It doesn’t disrupt the patient flow, but still provides the value of a non-invasive [procedure] that is less painful, faster, and cheaper.”

Growing a Medical Device Startup Out of Alpharetta 

FUSMobile recently became the 16th graduate of Tech Alpharetta’s Innovation Center.

Hananel says leaving Tech Alpharetta is ‘bittersweet’ for the team. The team has grown from Hananel and his co-worker Ron Aginsky to include a team of 11 full-time and part-time employees. Outside of Alpharetta, they have team members in North Carolina, Canada, and Israel.

Karen Cashion, Tech Alpharetta’s CEO, said it has been fun to watch the medical device company grow since first getting office space in the summer of 2018. “There’s a lot of software developed [in Tech Alpharetta], so we don’t see a lot of equipment and tangible things being created.” As the FUSMobile team builds up to FDA approval to start clinical trials in the US, they already have clinical studies going on in Canada. 

FUSMobile joins a growing list of Tech Alpharetta graduates, including Juice Analytics, Evident ID, and Finosec.

Hananel said they have found new office space in Alpharetta and will continue to grow the team in the city known for “a robust population of established and growing tech, healthcare, and medical device companies.”

Arik Hananel

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Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

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