Seat Belt Walls & Catputers | Cool Office in Full Force

Hype’s cool office tour has taken us rock climbing, to a soccer stadium, and now a swanky car inspired headquarters. Our latest stop, Force Marketing, is a technology-enabled multi-channel marketing company whose headquarters has all the makings for a fun work environment. Star Trek inspired lighting casts bright light over a reclaimed seat belt wall,  popcorn machine, mini golf, tire tracks on the floor, and of course a celebratory sales bell. No these things aren’t gimmicks (although I love kitsch), they represent a curated culture and a laser focus on an industry ripe for disruption. Not only does this company look cool, but they also have the accolades to back it up:  named as Atlanta Pacesetter, AiMA award winner and one of Atlanta’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For.

Force was located in the Piedmont Center complex until moving into their new digs (3098 Piedmont on the 4th floor) at the end of 2014.  CEO, John Fitzpatrick, purchased the building and over the course of last year, the top floor was completely gutted, renovated and redesigned to make room for the automotive focused marketing company. The world famous design firm, Gensler, designed the space. They are the same folks that designed Facebook’s office… maybe that’s why the blue looks so familiar.

“We worked closely with Gensler to ensure our new headquarters were completely customized, collaborative and flexible for future growth. Our company culture thrives on the positive energy created by an open and modern workspace that inspires creativity and innovation. The entire team is very happy with the result.” -John Fitzpatrick, CEO & President

 Check out the cool digs

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