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Following up | A Current Snapshot w/ Eventbooth

by Ryan Waller

EventBooth started as a solution to showcase the work of the founder’s digital agency. Soon friends and family were requesting to use the photo booth software at their own events and a startup was born. EventBooth was created with the goal of providing an application that is easy to use and can run on the devices you already own and love.

This summer we gave you the full scoop on them, and just followed up with Eventbooth’s team to get an update.

What’s new? They recently launched a new website, updated their pricing, and shifted away from a monthly subscription plan to a pay-per-event model. The CEO, Michael Hagel provides more insight about these changes:

What led to the decision to go from a monthly subscription to pay-per-event?
This decision was based on feedback we received from our customers during the first couple months. While brands, event planners, and larger companies, benefited from a multi-event subscription model it wasn’t really conducive to an individual who was only planning a single event. We knew these organizations would make up a large part of our customer base, although we’ve been surprised at how quickly individuals have signed up for personal events and parties.

How were you garnering feedback?
We try to reach out and engage with our customers on a consistent basis. From conversing at live events, social media, email, and surveys, customer feedback really is what shapes the direction of our product / company. In every email we send out, we always welcome feedback both on what we’re doing right and areas that could use improvement. Our customers are great at responding to this, and it really helps keep us focused on what’s important to them.

Why the change in pricing? And what effect will it have on your revenue model?
When you have a product that is all about bringing joy, capturing memories, and making people smile, you want it to be accessible to all audiences. Once we realized the subscriptions alienated a segment of our customers it was obvious something needed to be done. Rather than trying to support two models, monthly subscriptions and pay-per-event, we decided to come up with a plan that would work well for everyone — we feel the new pricing accomplishes this. Individual customers now have an affordable way to purchase single events, and larger organizations can purchase multiple events in bulk. It really is a win-win for everyone, and as such we feel it should have a positive result on our revenue. Especially with the holidays approaching… you now don’t have an excuse for not having a full featured photo booth at your next event / party!

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