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An Atlanta Beast will be Extinct | Parking Panda

by Tricia Whitlock

Parking Panda makes parking painless by providing drivers with an easy online and mobile platform to find and reserve guaranteed daily, monthly, and event parking at parking lots, garages, and valets. Their online parking reservation platform lists over 2 million parking spaces in over 12,000 parking locations in over 40 U.S. cities. Parking Panda partners with parking operators, venues, ticketing companies, events and professionals sports teams (now including the Atlanta Falcons) to seamlessly integrate the availability of third-party parking facilities for venues, events, and games.

Cool right? Especially for a city where parking is a pain in the ass. We caught up with them to give you the full scoop:

Year/Date Founded:

Number of Employees:

Founders/Execs :
Nick Miller and Adam Zilberbaum


Funding or bootstrapped?
Funded – Raised $4.7 M

How’d You Get The Idea For It:
While our CEO, Nick Miller, was a student at Georgetown he had a townhouse very close to a popular destination on M Street and he had a parking pad that he never used. At the same time, when Nick went up to Baltimore, where he grew up, he saw people standing outside selling their parking spaces for football games with cardboard signs. This combined with experiences driving around looking for parking that didn’t exist really inspired Nick to solve this natural pain point.

Revenue Model:
Parking Panda partners with parking operators, garages, valets and lots and takes a percentage-based commission per transaction.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out:
Parking Panda understands that parking is interconnected to many aspects of our daily lives. We park as a means to an end, whether we live in a city, visit another, go to a show, watch a game, or more. So Parking Panda provides a seamless parking experience by connecting all those aspects in one platform. Drivers can reserve parking to visit downtown for leisure as well as reserve parking for a Falcons game, or a major event in the same sitting. Many of our competitors may focus on just one of these aspects, like BestParking that works with private garage operators. Our value is that we provide a comprehensive seamless parking experience to a driver regardless of what they plan, where they’re going, or what they’re doing.

How does ATL weave into your story?
Parking is a nationwide pain point and with changing urbanism it has been long overdue for innovation. Parking Panda is looking to provide that innovation nationwide and Atlanta is an important region for us. Congestion and traffic is a major issue in the metropolitan region and parking – especially circling for it – is a contributing factor. With our platform and technology, we can solve these issues. In addition, with our partnership with events and professional sports including the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, we’ll also be able to provide a seamless parking experience that allows fans to do what they do best. We absolutely look forward to continue expanding our inventory, building our relationships, working with great partners, and taking the stress out of parking for anyone who lives and visits Atlanta.

If you could have one mulligan (do-over) in the process of launching and running this startup what would it be?
Nothing. What we’ve learned is that everything we do wrong has served as an important learning opportunity.

What kind of mentor could you use the most right now:
We’ve found the best mentors are fellow founders who are in the thick of running a business as well. They’ve gone through similar struggles and understand the challenges you face every day. Just like the Hypepotamus community, we intimately understand the importance of a supportive community to help you find success.

Is there anything else you need (that money can’t buy)?
A 25-Hour Day!


[Photo Credit: Parking Panda Logo]

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