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Atlanta’s Early Adopters Do Anything-Delivery Service A Favor

by Kristyn Back

The beautiful thing about Favor is that they’ll deliver just about anything as long as it’s a reasonable distance from your doorstep. Yes, even late at night after two solid hours of Doctor Who with three sleeping cats in your lap, and a rumbling tummy begging for Cookout (not that we would know. Ahem). Since Hype covered Favor Co-Founders Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais back in May, the delivery service has hit some great milestones, so we gave Atlanta’s general manager a ring to hear how Favor is delivering on growth.

Zach Ellard jumped in as General Manager of Favor a short six months ago. Along with Ellard’s new role, are new hires Jag Bath, CEO, and Steven Pho, CFO. The team recently on-boarded 100 runners to tackle Atlanta’s delivery needs in areas like Krog Street Market, Ponce City Market, Emory, GSU, and Georgia Tech. Drivers range from students working part-time to full-time employees completing favors throughout the city.

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Typical runs include food deliveries (some ATLien favorites include Six Feet Under, Yeah Burger, and Bar Taco) to medication for your favorite fur-ball, or those vampire teeth you need for that upcoming Halloween party. Our favorite Favor story was a wife who had pick-me-ups delivered to her hubby’s work – nothing like coffee and fresh donuts to get you through that 2 p.m. slump.

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To date, Favor has made 800,000 deliveries and are on track for one million by the end of the month. It has now spread to 14 cities throughout the U.S. and internationally. Toronto is their latest addition with a goal to hit 20 cities by the time we ring in the new year.

“We are making our mark on the city,” states Ellard. “Atlanta is a big foodie city so we are focusing our efforts on making sure there are plenty of options for our customers. Our goal is to have every delivery feel like your friend just dropped something off for you, instead of a company. We want our deliveries to be fast while consistently providing great customer service.” 

New to Favor? The company is waiving the $5.00 fee on your first delivery using promo code: HYPE.

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