Exponential AI Helps Companies Streamline Development of Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Exponential AI platform

Automation plus enterprise artificial intelligence can equal the perfect match, and when enterprise AI company Exponential Machines announced its merger with automation company PurpleLogic at this year’s AI Summit to become an entirely new company called Exponential AI, it decided to make a new life in Atlanta.

“The joining of forces between Exponential Machines and PurpleLogic will lead to greater value delivery to our clients and partners, providing access to an integrated portfolio of offerings.” CEO John Keith said in a statement. “We believe the new brand reflects the dramatic impact our clients can achieve by adopting an enterprise-ready, scalable AI platform to integrate with their mission critical operations.”

Before the merger, San Francisco-based Exponential Machines helped many of the world’s largest organizations build their enterprise AI solutions. The merger with PurpleLogic integrated offerings of enterprise intelligence and operational automation by helping organizations transform their businesses via automated enterprise processes and evidence-based decision making. 

Exponential AI

 The combined entities will offer intelligent automation services, as well as customized AI solutions development and access to its AI platform and products across the health care, life sciences, retail and financial services industries. 

 “The two together really makes sense,” chief revenue officer Florian Quarré tells Hypepotamus. “You can easily flow from one to the other, from automation to decision making, and from decision making to automation.”  

Exponential AI’s platform lets companies streamline the process of building and implementing its AI solutions. The enterprise-grade platform, called Enso, extracts information and derives actionable insights from a mass of unstructured content and data. Many of the world’s largest companies use Enso to build customized AI solutions and accelerate their digital transformation.

According to Quarré, Exponential AI sets itself apart by connecting itself to many different data sources while also presenting its findings in ways that companies can quickly read and act upon. While other companies may take months or years to fully implement ideas influenced by machine learning, Exponential AI can cut that process down to weeks, if not days. 

“I want to go from a proof of concept with a little bit of data, and then move to an enterprise-level ecosystem that would already be used within digital operations and could eventually become mission-critical for the organization,” says Quarré. “That’s a big differentiator.”    

In the healthcare industry, for example, accessing quality, actionable data in a timely fashion can be rather difficult. Exponential AI uses its platform to organize and extract the most pertinent information from reams of health and medical records so that patients can be treated quickly and accurately.

“The time between gathering information about a patient and getting that patient treatment can sometimes be life-saving,” says Quarré. 

We partner in the intricate digital transformation of our clients’ businesses, bringing industry and technical expertise, and leveraging a disciplined methodology to solve complex business problems with AI solutions. Enso allows us to create value in production for our clients and their customers in less than three months,” Keith explained.

 Exponential AI has also added several new faces to its C-suite. Along with Keith and Quarré, Nikhil Mendhi has also joined the company as chief operating officer. Although the company is fully funded for now, Exponential AI is definitely looking ahead in terms of growth. 

The time has come to strengthen our leadership team and build an organization ready for the future of enterprise AI,” co-founder and CTO Prashanth Kasturi said in a statement. “With our additions, the Exponential AI team is well positioned to lead artificial intelligence for enterprise.”