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ExamMed: The Holistic SaaS Solution to Healthcare

by Carey Tucker

The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation and consequently, healthcare technology is a business that’s booming. According to the Harvard Business Review, one reason for its rapid emergence is that, “IT companies play a powerful role in combating the over-employment and declining productivity that has plagued this industry and (help) providers improve the quality of care.” Another cause is that the industry is under unprecedented regulatory pressure. Even though healthcare as we know it is rapidly transforming, your experience as a patient hasn’t changed all that much. Launched on January 20th, Atlanta-based ExamMed wants to digitize the process with their holistic SaaS solution and make the healthcare experience better for everyone.

Like most of us, ExamMed’s founders have had frustrating experiences that made them think about improving healthcare’s efficiency. Cofounder Jeremy Trabucco and his wife lament how they keep having to order the same tests and fill out the same paperwork at each doctor’s visit. Cofounder Faraz Zubairi traveled to Maryland to see his doctor, the same one his dad, and brother have been seeing for 30+ years. He joked with his doctor about how great it would be to be able to see him via his iPhone.

With their innovative software, situations like these will no longer be an issue. Some of ExamMed’s key features include: HIPAA Compliant HD Video, which allows providers to see their own patients’ 24/7 from any camera-enabled technology device, Interoperable EMR/EHR Exchange, which enables provider access to medical records no matter what electronic medical record (EMR) system they operate, and Provider Network and Referrals, which supports in-network referrals with a database of specialists, allowing providers the ability to seamlessly connect patients with specialty care givers as needed. In general and perhaps most significantly, ExamMed, “allows for a bi-directional flow of information,” says Zubairi.

Faraz has been in Georgia’s capital for 8 years and has spent the last 14 years of his life working with startups. As the city is great with lean and agile businesses, “Atlanta made perfect sense to set up shop,” he says. Going forward, they plan to leverage the city’s many businesses and universities to partner with. Look out for ExamMed to make an impact in 2015.

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