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Make Life More Eventful With Evntr

by Carey Tucker

According to a recent study by Harris and Eventbrite, “More than three in four millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on an experience or event over buying something desirable. This generation not only highly values experiences, but they are increasingly spending time and money on them: from concerts and social events to athletic pursuits, to cultural experiences and events of all kinds.” While young people today are attending more events than ever, most still rely on word-of-mouth to find new, unique gatherings. Millennials are craving a platform that would allow them to harness the power of their smartphones to discover new things to do. Altanta-based startup, Evntr, has developed a location-based app that displays all the events taking place in any area. We sat down with one of the company’s co-founders to get the scoop.

Founded by Michael Fisher and Khuram Javed (pictured above), “Evntr is a new location based app that allows people to get a live feed of events happening around them. It’s a local platform everyone can use with friends and/or other people in the area to make life more eventful (pun intended),” explains Javed. “Whether you’re trying to promote a concert, weekly gathering, etc., Evntr is the easiest way to create an event, invite people, and get a ton of exposure. For example, companies promoting events may only have a few thousand contacts between email, Facebook, and other lists. Our platform, because it’s location based, has the ability to reach the nearly 5 million people in the surrounding Atlanta area the moment an event is created. This demonstrates Evntr’s power to reach a local or targeted audience in any area, making it the go-to app for events.”

“Although events are the cornerstone of how people interact socially, finding events is a huge problem for so many people. Whether you are in Atlanta or in a new city, finding something to do a on short notice is often a challenge,” he continues. “You can go on Google and not know where to start, talk to a concierge/tour guide, or end up in the expensive tourist areas. Some of the platforms available do an okay job at telling people about a few events spread out over several weeks, but none can tell them about everything happening around them in real-time. Most of these platforms are limited to inviting only friends or close connections, leaving people locally unaware of something amazing that everyone could partake in. There isn’t a single way to quickly and conveniently organize an event and share it with friends and/or the local community.”

Evntr Screenshot 1              Evntr Screenshot 2

Screenshots of the Evntr App

The inspiration for Evntr came when founders Mike Fisher and Khuram Javed were frustrated that they couldn’t easily and conveniently find things to do tonight, tomorrow and over the weekend in their area. And as far as meeting new people, Tinder was really the only app you could use to instantly connect with someone else locally up until that point. “We knew that they could build something better. Brainstorming, we realized that one of the most organic ways people meet and form relationships is through events, which create neutral settings for all types of people,” recalls Javed. “We began designing a system that allows people to meet by coordinating this interaction and realized very quickly that this idea had a lot of potential.”

Although originally from Florida and Maryland, Evntr’s founders now proudly call Atlanta home. “Atlanta has embraced us fully, so, we hope that earning success will also contribute a small part to Atlanta’s newfound reputation as a startup community. As an ode to Atlanta, we even incorporated a historical triumph in our logo,” he says. “After the Civil War, Atlanta was burned to the ground. Like our logo, a Phoenix, the city of Atlanta was reborn from the ashes into the prosperous modern city it is today.”

Fisher and Javed are currently looking for developers, a CTO, and other talented individuals to join the growing Evntr team. Although currently bootstrapped, they are seeking an angel investor with experience in building a company like theirs.

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