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Everybody Poops, The Final Flush

by Tricia Whitlock

This week we’ve been giving you the scoop on a team of humanitarian designers and engineers from Georgia Tech. They have designed SafiChoo, an inexpensive, mobile sanitation solution intended to reduce oral-fecal contamination and the spread of  diseases.  

Read up on the girls leading the charge and the waves they have been making in local competitions, check out their funding, prices, value proposition, inspiration, and tools & then finish the SafiChoo story below. 


Where do you gain your insights from and how do you stay on top of emerging trends?
Ethnography and qualitative research really drives our design. This summer we have been piloting toilets in various parts of Africa seeking for feedback that we can use to make our toilet better meet our users needs. Staying up to date with current Sanitation news articles and emerging engineers/projects has really helped us in the evolution of our design as well.

What’s Unique About Your Company Culture:
We are four young girls from Georgia Tech who love talking about poop. This makes us really quirky and fun which is great for this type of work. In many interviewing or presentation scenarios, the audience or the potential user feels very uncomfortable with this topic or about sharing personal information. Our quirkness really helps eliminate any anxiety or embarrassment that someone might feel in order for people to talk freely and honestly about this topic. Everybody poops so we feel like the topic should be normalized. That is our company culture and project approach.

What You Need Most Right Now:
Since winning the InVenture Prize competition, we have had a series of incredible opportunities come our way in terms of expanding to other regions for toilet testing as well as testing new and more sustainable materials for our actual product. Many people and organizations have helped us immensely; however, funding is still a huge challenge. This fall we are focusing on redesigning the product, the materials used for the product, and the manufacturing processes used to produce the product based on the feedback that we received this summer. In order to fully realize the scope of our design changes, new sources of funding will be essential.

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