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EventBooth | Tools, Trends, Why ATL?

by Tricia Whitlock

EventBooth is focused on building a suite of products which allows folks to shoot, share, and manage branded event photos. Last week we told you about their products (iPad Application/Photo Station/online management system), customers, competitors, and how they got the idea for it.

Read on below to get the rest of the scoop from their CEO, Michael Hagel

Revenue Model:
EventBooth’s revenue model is split between a freemium / subscription based model for our Admin, and a traditional sales (rental) model for our Photo Station — focusing on both B2C and B2B. Our sales model is also split between short term (since event use), and long term (3, 6 or 12 month) rentals.

How does ATL weave into your story?
Two of our founders live here (one a native metro-Atlantan), and the idea for EventBooth was born out of another company that was founded here, so Atlanta is our home! Honestly we couldn’t picture a better place to start EventBooth. Atlanta has a vibrant and growing startup community, is a great place to raise a family (school systems / cost of living), and with thousands of events, tradeshows, and weddings a year offers a great eco-system for growth.

Do you use any tools & services to manage your day-to-day:
1. Slack – We have channels for everything (General, Admins, App, Events, Marketing, Sales, etc…), and direct the majority of all company discussions there.
2. Zen Desk – Used for customer service, support, and our Help Center.
3. Unfuddle – Used internally to manage issues, to-dos, code, and plan what features go into what versions of the application.
4. Google – Drive, Docs, Analytics, AdWords
5. Evernote – Notes, Ideas, Scanned Documents. Evernote acts as a digital filing cabinet.

How do you stay connected with your audience/customers?
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…), Newsletters (MailChimp), WuFoo for surveying our customers, and our Help Center (ZenDesk)

How do you stay informed & on top of emerging trends?
Twitter, RSS Feeds, Industry Newsletters, and Atlanta newsletters.

If you could have one mulligan (do-over) in the process of launching and running this startup what would it be?
We’re still in the very early phases, so ask me in 6 more months and it will probably be different. That said, I wish we wouldn’t have waited as long as we did to take it from a concept (application used at our anniversary party) to an actual product, and with all the issues we ran into getting AirPrint and Cloud Print to work properly targeting a Windows and Android device first may have been an easier battle.

What kind of mentor could you use the most right now:
We’ve had some recent interest in franchising, and see it as a great way to grow the rental (Photo Station) side of our business into other cities/markets. While it’s not something we’re looking at implementing this calendar year, it’s something that we’d like to start researching and learning more about now so we’re better setup for success when that time comes.

Is there anything else you need (that money can’t buy)?
Love (PR) and Time 🙂 isn’t that all that money can’t buy? Really though we appreciate the interest at this phase of our company!


[Photo Credit: http://eventboothapp.com/photostation.php]

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