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EventBooth | Party Selfies Just Got Easier

by Tricia Whitlock

EventBooth is focused on building a suite of products which allow people to shoot, share, and manage branded event photos. They currently offer a socially connected iPad Application (which just hit the app store), an all-in-one Photo Station, and an online management system to power both. Additional platforms for the application and several versions of their photo booth are in the works.


We caught up with their CEO, Michael Hagel, to give you an inside look at the business.  

Year/Date Founded:
January 2014

Number of Employees:
3 Full Time
3 Part Time
Currently seeking a Sales Representative

Founders/Execs :
Michael Hagel, Founder / CEO
John C. Bland, Co-Founder / CTO
Chris Yellina, Co-Founder / Director of Sales

Funding or Bootstrapped:

How’d You Get The Idea For It:
The idea for EventBooth, came from one of our founders digital agency’s anniversary parties. He was looking for a way to showcase the agency’s work across multiple platforms, engaging guests at the event, and share photos with people who were unable to attend. A one off of the application was developed, and used at the event — it was a hit! Shortly thereafter, friends and family begin asking to borrow it for their own events. We knew we had a product people enjoyed using, and after surveying the Photo Booth landscape felt that we could offer value both in terms of software and physical products.

Who are your customers and what do they get:
We currently have three target customers:
1. Individuals (B2C) looking to use the application or rent the Photo Station, for their own parties, weddings, or events.
2. Event planners and/or event facilities looking to offer an easy to use photo booth and management solution to their clients.
3. Corporations (B2B) looking to shoot and share branded photos of their events (tradeshows, conferences, company parties, product launches, etc…).

For each target, they can either download the iPad application via the iTunes App Store, or rent one of our all-in-one Photo Stations. Then using our online management software, they have the ability to customize the event (social sharing, photo strips, etc…) to suit their needs.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out:
We’re currently competing with independent developers / small business whom have Photo Booth applications in the App Stores, traditional Photo Booth Application companies, and Photo Booth rental companies.

For our the independent developers / small business offering solutions in the App Store, we’re working to set ourselfs apart by our ease of use, and feature set (device printing, auto-sharing, etc…). We’ve spent a great deal of time making sure the EventBooth Application offers a great experience with little training or instruction. We’ll be adding in features over time that will continue to pull us further ahead of the existing competition.

For the traditional photo booth applications companies, the majority of these are outdated Windows only applications that can only be administered in the application itself. Allowing our events to be configured via the web, opens up lots of possibilities for collaboration and last minute changes. This also allows us to quickly push new features to our admin customers without requiring them to download or install new software.

For Photo Booth rental companies, we’re looking to stand out with the elegance, simplicity, and technical sophistication of our Photo Stations. The majority of Photo Booths on the market today are focused on a “vintage” look / feel, and require people to crawl inside them. While we can appreciate the history of this, it’s not the right look for every event. Our current model, provides a sleek and modern all-in-one design that makes setup and take down very easy. We’ve also made sure to focus on the aesthetics of the Photo Station so that it captures people’s attention and can be a centerpiece of an event. Of course the software powering the Photo Station is very user friendly with the features people expect from a modern photo booth. We’re working on expanding our line of Photo Stations to provide versions that suit every event budget and style.


Check back soon to learn about EventBooth’s revenue model,  tools, and more. 


[Photo Credit: PhotoBooth]

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