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Event Tent | You’ll Be Singing Kumbaya

by Kristyn Back

It’s hard to miss the hustle and bustle of Millennials taking the city by storm, especially with Atlanta making the list as one of the best places to house the gen-y crowd.  A distinguishing characteristic found in a study done by Eventbrite, is that Millennials want life enriching experiences – not possessions or career statuses. Here at Hype, we’ve seen great event apps like Bonfire, Evntr, and Yule, help Millennials find the best euphoric spots in town. New to the scene is Event Tent, so we camped out with the Founder to learn their fresh approach on finding fun.

The two leading gentlemen behind Event Tent are Justin McLeod and Duvall Smith (pictured above with the rest of the team). McLeod is the Founder/CEO with a history working with special events, alongside Duvall, the CTO with five valuable years in software development. Back in April, the team competed in GSU’s Business Plan Competition, winning second place, a $10,000 award, and business consulting package for the app. McLeod describes Event Tent as, “a mobile solution that eliminates media clutter, making it easier to find, create, and promote events. The mobile application incorporates a social element allowing users to take pictures and videos only during an event.”

The app targets three types of event folks: planners, goers, and admirers. “Event planners will be able to promote their events effectively, event goers will be able to discover and share their experiences, and event admirers can get an exclusive inside look of events so they can know before they go. A single event has the ability to attract hundreds of thousands of people to attend and millions of people to witness it from afar via technology. Event Tent is providing an effective mobile platform that connects the world through live experiences.”

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Event Tent wants to clear the clutter, while improving promotion and awareness. “Media content on current social media outlets is saturated, event flyers/handbills get torn down, and searching is time consuming. Event planners rely heavily on social media or e-mail for promotion, but they are competing with irrelevant media clutter, leading to potential attendees overlooking their event.” Highlights of the app include event management, a featured section with the most popular events (in-the-moment or upcoming), and event promotion for better, broader exposure.

McLeod and Smith, along with the rest of the crew, are rooted right here in Atlanta – with ties to GSU and GA Tech. The app is just about to launch and McLeod is excited to take the event scene by storm. Event Tent will focus on events in Atlanta, with plans to expand in other cities as the team grows.

Event Tent is currently seeking strong interns and potential employees to add to the team – especially if you’re an Android and iPhone developer. If you’re a planner looking for a place to promote an event contact Justin McLeod via email: Justin@eventtentapp.com.

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