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Six Students Bring Hydroponics to Campus

by Tricia Whitlock

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) was founded by a team of six Georgia Tech wiz kids  in the summer of 2014. Since then they have set up a hydroponic system on campus, won the Greenovation competition, and donated some their produce to the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Read on to check out the team and their winning Greenovation project idea.

Their plan outlined the creation of a hydroponics room that is a fully-functioning greenhouse as well as place where students can study and hang out. They designed the room with three glass walls and a glass ceiling to create a greenhouse effect and reduce heating and lighting costs. Also included are hydroponic trays set up around the room’s perimeter and an aquaponics system in the center. The team “really believes that hydroponics is an important way to practice urban farming, and think that this application as a unique study space is a good way to raise awareness and help familiarize students with hydroponics… promoting social, economic, and environmental sustainability.”

To increase social sustainability and have a greater impact on the community around Georgia Tech, a portion of fresh produce is donated to nonprofit organizations, like The Atlanta Community Food Bank. The remaining fresh produce is set to be sold at the Georgia Tech Farmers Market or used in campus dining halls and food courts.


Jamie Curtis – a first year materials science and engineering student.
Nicole Kennard – a second year materials science and engineering student.
Jeffrey Landau – a fifth year mechanical engineering student.
Bianca Costa & Jaezia Smith are first year environmental engineering students.
Jeffrey Teng is a first year electrical engineering student.

[Photo Credit: Student Center Hydroponic Study Room Floor Plan Layout]

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