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Embarrassed Movie Execs Give Them a Call | Damballa

by Jessica Munoz

Home grown automated breach detection company, Damballa, might be finding it a lot more uncomfortable to sit on their wallets this year. The company, found by a team of Georgia Tech folks, are seeing their average deal sizes quadruple as companies begin to realize “addressing cybersecurity should be a top priority for Boards and senior management.” according to the National Association of Corporate Directors. A.K.A. “don’t end up like Sony.” Luckily this has spurred much broader, enterprise-wide deployments of breach detection, which is keeping the Georgia based company more than busy. They have seen 50% increase in bookings and revenue growth for 2014, along with over 100% growth in new customer bookings year after year according to a press release published earlier this month.

Their flagship product, Damballa Failsafe, promises advanced threat protection and containment for active threats that bypass all security prevention layers. Damballa’s Center for Breach Detection is beyond impressive. It has visibility into a quarter of the world’s DNS traffic and 43% of North American mobile traffic, with over half a billion devices feeding its intelligent system. Not only can they rapidly discover infection with certainty, they can prioritize incident response and refocus security experts to the area of greatest risk. Take that North Korea!

And don’t get any ideas other countries. 2014 saw Damballa taking their defense globally, bringing in customers, channel partners, and global consulting firms from Latin America, across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Their global growth is a result of bringing in customers in markets from financial services to education to retail and everything in between. They could easily find more room to grow by eyeing movie studios *cough*Sony*cough*, gaming networks *cough*c’mon Sony*cough*, and social sites (seriously we’d probably be coughing up Sony again if they had a social site, get it together).

Luckily for enormous companies that shall remain nameless (who are we kidding, it’s Sony), Damballa is aware of the fast changing cyber circumstances. CEO of Damballa, David Scholtz has stated “The market is rapidly shifting its mindset from prevention-bias towards rapid detection and response.” In other words, it’s not enough to have an antivirus or firewall anymore, it takes leading products like our very own Georgia Tech born startup Damballa to keep enterprises safe in these hacking headline days.

[Photo Credit: Damballa]

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