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Diverse Developer | New Avenue to Find African American & Latino Talent

by Carey Tucker

African Americans and Latinos are severely underrepresented in the tech industry. A recent article about Facebook indicates that they only hired 7 African Americans in the past year, bringing their grand total of black employees to a shocking 81 (out of a workforce of over 5,500). Many of the leading tech companies lament a talentpool problem, but as the Washington Post notes in a piece published only days ago, “top schools are turning out black and Hispanic graduates with tech degrees at rates significantly higher than they are being hired by leading tech firms.” Jesse Jackson, who has been trying to tackle the issue for years, said regarding the matter, “they aren’t looking in the right places.”

Newly established Atlanta-based site, Diverse Developer, wants to be that right place for tech companies looking to fix their diversity problem.

Founded by Jason Russell “Diverse Developer is a site created for developers (full time and freelance), recruiters looking for diverse talent, and companies looking to hire,” explains Russell. “This site is trying to solve the problem of the low number of African Americans and Latinos working in the high tech industry. The issue of a lack of diversity is far too common throughout large technology companies in the USA and something has to be done about it. Contrary to popular belief there is not a lack of talent, but a lack of companies looking to make real change. This site is not just for Developers but for Project Managers, Program Managers and UI/UX professionals who are interested in working in this space.”

“From my experiences in the world of IT, there is serious a lack of African Americans and Latinos in the space and the numbers from some of the largest tech companies prove this (Twitter: 1% Black | 3% Hispanic, Facebook: 1% Black | 3% Hispanic, Google: 1% Black | 2% Hispanic),” he continues. “Currently, there is really no good outlet or tool for the groups to showcase their skills. The service is free for job seekers with paid access for companies and recruiters.”

Tech Diversity Infographic

Infographic Source: Washington Post

Jason moved to Atlanta in 1998 and attended Clark Atlanta, where he received his MBA. “I have been here for 17 years and see a tremendous amount of talent in the city that needs to be showcased,” he states. Following grad school, Russell has worked in many different disciplines of business: Account Management, Business Development, Creative and UI/UX. He was the co-founder of the mobile development shop that created the first African American developed story book app on the AppStore, A Song for Miles. The app has received rave reviews on the App Store.

Whether you’re a developer, recruiter, or business looking to hire, if you’d like to get involved, register your information at Diverse Developer today to stay updated.

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