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Disruptive Delivery Launches Today

by Tricia Whitlock

Today marks the launch of Kanga, a crowd-sourced delivery platform. Kanga connects individuals, retailers, and organizations that need to ship and deliver things locally with a crowd of people who want to make some money in their spare time. By using the power of the crowd, Kanga enables businesses to solve the “last mile” and same-day delivery problems in a reliable, affordable way. Want to check them out in person? Well lucky you! They are one of our residents, so next time you’re at Hypepotamus pop in and say hello.

Scott Miller & Everett Steele

We love Atlanta! It’s such a great community for SAAS and Ecomm startups right now. Since we sit right in the middle of those two segments, it made total sense to launch here.

7, check out the team


Funded or bootstrapped:
Angel funded

Price of Services(S):
Varies. Typically between $15 and $30 per shipment

What Customers Get:
We have a couple of different “customer” types. Individuals who need to move stuff locally get the convenience and affordability of an on-demand delivery and shipping service. Retailer customers get a simple means to give their customers same-day and scheduled delivery for their ecomm and POS transactions.

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