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Data are dots, simple points representing a value. But to the smart marketer, they’re the language in which your customers tell you what they want and how to give it to them. Digital Additive is a company that translates data into desires and efficiently builds a dialogue that resonates. They are a customer experience agency, focused on eCRM and Email Marketing. Their approach leverages data, technology and creative to make email marketing meaningful to the customer. Digital Additive was also the recipient of the 2013 AIMA for Breakout Digital Atlanta Startup award. 

We caught up with president Roxana Shershin to hear a bit of their story.

Year/Date Founded?

Number of Employees?
15 today; 17 in a couple of weeks (we are finalizing 2 hires at this time)

Roxana Shershin & Kevin Moran

How does ATL weave into your story?
Digital Additive was more than just founded in Atlanta — we were truly “born” here. Our clients make up many of the brand leaders in the Atlanta area. This includes our first client, Carter’s, whose work set the foundation to open our doors in May of 2012. Since then we have steadily grown thanks the Atlanta community. ATL-founded, ATL-staffed and ATL-fueled.

What services do you offer?
eCRM Planning, Email Marketing Services, Data Integration, Creative, Campaign Optimization

Link to work examples/portfolio?
We do not have an online portfolio at this time. However if you sign up for email at Carter’, make a purchase with OshKosh B’Gosh or request a quote from Protect Your Bubble you’ll see some of our work live and in action.

In what ways does your creative agency cater to startups?
While our services aren’t specifically geared for startups, we are actively involved in leading the AIMA Email Special Interst Group and mentoring others looking to do what we did just a few short years ago. We look forward to seeing who the next Breakout Digital Atlanta Startup is this year!

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the digital landscape in the south—and Atlanta is the undeniable hub of creativity and innovation. The annual AIMA awards shine a light on the pioneers in our fair city, from rising stars who are making a unique mark to seasoned veterans who have built the community from the ground up.

Interested in being a part of this years AIMA Awards? Submissions are now OpenSubmission window ends on October 17th.

This year’s event will be hosted at Buckhead Theater on Wednesday, November 12th! You don’t have to be a contestant to attend, there are early bird tickets available now–prices increase on September 30th!  

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