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DataVibe Drums Marketing to a New Beat

by Muriel Vega

Marketing is all about data and way too often, it can overwhelm your talented team. If only there was an easy way to integrate all of your company’s data into one dashboard for a quick glance into data-driven insights. Well, DataVibe nailed it by compiling data from across Salesforce, Pardot, and others into easy-to-access reports for small to medium-sized companies. By using the cloud-based software, you don’t have to be a data scientist to figure out how to apply data insights back into your company. That’s huge.

The concept comes from the mind of entrepreneur David Cummings, of Pardot and Atlanta Tech Village fame, and it’s currently part of Atlanta Ventures as a portfolio company. There’s real world experience behind this new business intelligence software.

While they are still in the discovery phase, DataVibe is ready to take on your data and teach you how to master it — all in one place. Even the Atlanta Tech Village jumped on board with DataVibe when they needed a solution to analyze their rapid growth. Learn more on how to stop being a “data hater” and use the software to your company’s advantage.

The Pitch: 

DataVibe is a business intelligence software that provides data-driven insights to sales and marketing teams in small to mid-sized companies. The cloud based software automatically integrates with siloed apps that teams are already using to provide one unified dashboard view into their company analytics. It’s easy-to-view reports give leaders tangible information that empower them to make quick, confident business decisions.

data-vibe-screenshotThe Founder: 

David CummingsDavid has been an entrepreneur his whole life. In early 2007, David co-founded Pardot, which was recognized by Inc. magazine as the 172nd fastest growing company in 2012, and shortly thereafter Pardot was acquired by ExactTarget and then Salesforce.com. David was subsequently named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner in the deal category. In 2012, David founded the Atlanta Tech Village, which at 103,000 square feet is the largest technology entrepreneur center in the Southeast. The Atlanta Business Chronicle named David one of the 100 most influential Atlantans and Atlanta Magazine named David one of the 55 Most Powerful Atlantans.

Now founder of DataVibe, Cummings was the original founder of Pardot and he wanted to start this company to help companies achieve higher results by tying into the sales and marketing applications they use on a daily basis, pulling the data, and then looking at historical trends to predict outcomes and measure results.

The Revenue Model:

DataVibe is subscription-based. Companies pay monthly based on the number of integrations they require. Each plan (Basic, Pro, Enterprise) includes an allotted amount of seats and an unlimited number of users can be added onto any plan if a company requires it.

Funded or Bootstrapped: DataVibe is a portfolio company of Atlanta Ventures.

What problem is DataVibe solving?

Nearly every company is tracking data, we just want to help them ACTUALLY use it.

In sales, leaders want to know: What is our anticipated ARR? What Sales Rep is outperforming the rest? DataVibe helps leaders guide their sales team with a real-time dashboard. We can help them visualize the missing pieces, analyze data to predict what will work and make the next big sale.

In marketing, leaders want to know: What campaigns are performing the best over time? Is our lead generation budget allocated to the right channels? DataVibe helps them see trends over time, see what’s working and what’s not, and how their team’s activities can be refocused on what’s going to move the needle.

Executive leaders need to make quick, confident and strategic moves. DataVibe overlaps team dashboards to help them make better decisions based on surfaced real-time insights.

datavibeteamphotoWho are the competitors and how does DataVibe stand out?

Business Intelligence is not a new thing, but we’ve seen companies becoming more niche as time progresses. A few companies doing similar work would include InsightSquared, Domo, and Tableau.  You don’t have to be a data scientist to use DataVibe. Implementation is a breeze as DataVibe offers standard reports that automatically show up in your dashboard within an hour of connecting your data source. It’s a simple solution to get leaders information quickly.

How does Atlanta weave into your company story?

With David Cummings love for investing in Atlanta, how could DataVibe not also share and exude that same love. We are headquartered in Atlanta Tech Village, the 4th largest tech hub in the United States, and have fully committed to investing in the Atlanta Tech scene. Some of the companies in the Village actually use DataVibe. We believe Atlanta is on the rise and want to spur on companies doing great work here!  

What does DataVibe hope to achieve over the next 6-12 months?

We are in the discovery phase. We want to provide the most valuable reports for tech companies and leaders. Our goal is to continually improve our product to provide just that.

We also want to provide knowledge for the non-Data Scientists out there who are looking to get more from their data. We’ll have webinars, blogs and eBook content as well as interviews with thought leaders in the sales and marketing industry to help make our customers be even better at what they do.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring AEs and will be hiring marketing interns in the new year.

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