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Cypress & 5th | 2 Sisters Delivering Southern Style

by Ryan Waller

Have you ever spent hours sifting through cluttered racks at local fashion boutiques, only to leave frustrated and without finding anything you wanted? Cypress & 5th exists to nix that frustration and deliver fashionable clothes consumers are searching for at prices lower than brick & mortar retail.

The cofounders are two sisters that are using their experience in the fashion industry to pick out clothes that fit a subscriber’s personal style, showcase the garments in a personalized “virtual closet,” and then deliver right to the door. Subscribers can choose an entire outfit and accessory from their closet for only $74.95 each month and there is never an obligation to buy.

We caught up with cofounder,  Jen Shu, to get the full scoop


Number of Employees:

2– Jen & Annie Shu

Funding or bootstrapped:

Revenue Model:
subscription based

How’d You Get The Idea For It?
My sister and I have always been in the fashion industry. I was a stylist and she a model. We were constantly being asked by people to help them out with their style and clothes. Also, during this time I was in corporate America listening to women say over and over again say things like “I don’t have the time to shop” or “I don’t know how to wear that”. One day I was at Cypress Pint & Plate and it just struck me – why can’t women get a personalized shopping experience without spending way too much money for a stylist? So the seed was planted for Cypress & 5th.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
Our biggest competitor is Stitch Fix. They provide styled subscription boxes but unlike them we allow our customers to see their dressing room virtually.

What problem does your company solve?
The busy woman’s shopping dilemma. Women who do not have a lot of discretionary time often struggle to justify spending hours sifting through clothing racks at boutiques, sometimes never finding the pieces they want. Our proprietary algorithm points us to the items our subscribers are trying to find, allowing us to turn their online dressing rooms into a “these are all the things I would have picked out for myself” store. We also offer these clothes for less than the their price at brick and mortar stores. In other words, we solve the problems of time and money. We are the only subscription service in the world that provides our subscribers with an entire customized outfit and accessory each month.

Describe the market / industry impact:
Our service injects an entirely new shopping method and experience into the retail fashion industry. Never before has a consumer been able to obtain an entire outfit, customized to her personal style, and put together “ready to wear” each month. We believe this will significantly impact the way that fashion items are marketed to consumers – highlighting the need and desire for customizable fashion package offerings – and will provide a competitive edge to Cypress & 5th as the forerunner in personalized fashion shopping.

How does ATL weave into your story?
Our company is Atlanta based, and the idea was conceived on the corner of Cypress and 5th streets in Atlanta. The southern lifestyle that embodies Atlanta-living is injected into and reflected through the pieces we pick for our subscribers and the experience we offer them. Our customer service and attention to our subscribers’ needs exemplifies the atmosphere of southern hospitality in which our company was born and raised.

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