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by Carey Tucker

E-commerce is big business. Last year, there were $1,471 billion of B2C e-commerce sales worldwide and there were 191.1 million digital shoppers in the U.S. According to a study by UPS, 70% of shoppers say they prefer to shop at their favorite retailer online. With so many consumers choosing to purchase digitally, most small businesses realize that e-commerce is essential, yet most are struggling with it today. Atlanta-based Current Commerce wants to help companies sell better online with their new e-commerce suite of software and services.

Founded by Travis Mariea (CEO) and Michael Crowley (Director of e-Commerce), “Our platform is an end to end e-commerce & marketing solution that is backed by a 24×7 technical team and unlimited web design services,” says Mariea. “Our automation & insight services help streamline e-commerce operations as well as educate our customers in their business’s analytics, allowing them to leverage the web to sell more and manage less.”

Mariea laments that the current market for e-commerce services is mostly dominated by freelance web designers who are are not specialized in e-commerce and are focused on short term projects rather than long term partnerships. “Our partnership approach to e-commerce services and software would provide small businesses the kind of partner that was previously reserved to enterprise budgets,” he explains. “With our platform, we are filling the gap between cheap yet limited DIY software & expensive enterprise solutions, providing peace of mind with a straightforward and reliable solution for customers who are tired of tracking down their web guy and getting ‘nickel and dimed’ as they need help, and helping flatten the learning curve of migrating your sales process from the offline world to online.”

Both Mariea and Crowley have strong backgrounds in web design. “Working as freelancers ourselves, we realized that e-commerce websites had unique and complex needs that not only were very different from standard web design, but also required constant maintenance & management unlike standard sites,” says Mariea. “Automated emails, shipping integrations, payment gateway connections, all play a very important role on a daily basis in driving revenue and need to be managed accordingly.”

Although their startup is their passion, Current Commerce almost didn’t happen. “After 4 years on the grind and hustle of website freelancing, Michael was contemplating leaving ATL and his web design business to take a vacation home sales job in Colorado,” recalls Mariea. “I had recently launched my own freelance web design business in Jacksonville and was anxious to take over Michael’s book of business. However, after a few meetings together we realized that we had an opportunity to really complement each other’s skill sets, push past freelancing, and build a business that could become truly valuable to small businesses. Michael declined the opportunity to move to Colorado and I moved back to Atlanta to focus on building Current Commerce.”

Mariea and Crowley are looking to make Current Commerce the go-to partner for both small businesses and marketing agencies seeking to find someone they can consistently rely on for all their e-commerce needs, rather than piecing together a solution from several software & service vendors.

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