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Crisp Video Delivers Smooth Production on Both Sides of the Lens

by Kristyn Back

With cameras built into smartphones (our most beloved tech companion in tow) it is no surprise that video marketing has moved front and center. And while just about anyone can point and shoot a video these days, that doesn’t necessarily translate to video production genius – which is where Crisp Video Group shines.

What began as a startup in Starbucks three years ago, has doubled year over year, growing from zilch in the bank to a 7-figure business. Crisp combines creative pizazz with a staunch business acumen to create a media marketing company sought after by the likes of Coca-Cola, Audi, and Verizon Wireless. We recently spoke with Michael Mogill, president of Crisp Video Group, to find out how they’re creating video marketing magic on both sides of the lens.

“When you deal with creative companies there isn’t always a process with turnaround and deadlines,” stated Mogill. “Clients care less about the technical aspects and more about the videos and what it’s going to do for their business. We focus on helping clients achieve their business goals while also creating a great looking video.”

And great looking videos are exactly what Crisp delivers. While Mogill is the mastermind behind the video group, he credits the passion and work ethic of his 12 local Atlanta team members and 35 cinematographers placed throughout the United States for the success they’ve garnered. “The reason we have been able to grow at this rate is because of the day in and day out dedication of the team. Everyone is invested in looking at what we can do better and how we can create even more value for our clients.”

Let us just say it’s working, and working very, very well. While Crisp has established clients like Living Social and Verizon Wireless to their Rolodex, the group is just as dedicated to providing video production services to startups and nonprofit organizations like the Atlanta Humane Society and the Arthritis Foundation. “We have a wide mix of folks ranging from startups and financial companies to the big guys at Coca-Cola. Small business folks are where we make such a great impact. While we aren’t the cheapest option, we hold a high standard to video production in order to deliver an easy, seamless process in under 30 days.”

If you’re interested in joining the Crisp Video team, check out their job listings while positions are still available (which won’t be long, y’all). And don’t forget to stay up-to-date on Crisp Video Group’s latest work by following them on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

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