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Credntia: The Missing Piece to the Virtual Wallet

by Carey Tucker

It’s Friday afternoon and the curtain’s dropping on the work week at a glacial speed until your phone vibrates with a blessing from above: a new message from an old friend. “The old squad is reuniting and we’re finally gonna check out {insert name of hip Edgewood Ave watering hole}.” Boom. After racing home, showering, and throwing on the freshest threads in your wardrobe, you call and Uber and head downtown, eager to make some noise. But, following a line longer than Six Flags in July, your wild night out is over before it began. You forgot your ID at home and that’s it. Game over. Birmingham-based startup, Credntia, wants to make it so this situation never happens again with their innovative digital solution. We recently chatted with the company’s founder to get the scoop on how he and his team are rescuing nights out, one city at a time.

Founded by C.J. Adams and led by Adams, Zandy Moyo, Cody Winton, and Hebert Beville, “Credntia is an app that allows users to securely store their ID on their smartphone; no more losing, leaving behind, or misplacing it,” explains Adams. “We are making your identity more secure and the ability to prove and verify your identity more streamlined.”

“With companies like Apple, Google, Square, Venmo and others revolutionizing the mobile payment industry, we have recognized that there is still reason for people to carry wallets around: to store their identification documents,” he continues. “We are the missing piece to the virtual wallet. By using Credntia, in addition to mobile payment apps, users no longer have a need for a physical wallet.”

Once a user creates an account, they have the ability to upload a driver’s license, student ID, or auto insurance card. “We go through a 3 step verification process to insure that the documents actually belong to you and are not fraudulent,” says Adams. “Once the ID has been verified, it is stored in the Credntia home screen. When the user goes to a bar or restaurant, he can easily access their ID in order to show it to the bartender or server.”


Credntia Screenshot 2Credntia Screenshot 1Credntia Screenshot 3

Screenshots of the Credntia App

Additionally, users have the ability to send their ID in a pdf format via email. “For instance, if you are renting a car and they need a copy of your driver’s license and car insurance, you can simply click ‘Export’ and type in the car rental company’s email address,” he discloses. “They will receive a copy of your documents quickly and conveniently. They don’t have to go through the antiquated process of making a copy of your documents to then later scan into their system. We are also currently working on passport integration and should be launching an Android version of the app in a month or so.”

“After doing a public beta, we are expanding to major cities in the south, with Atlanta being one of the most important in our eyes.” If you’re interested in learning more, tweet at the Credntia team @Credntia with the hashtag #IAmMe.

Download the Credntia app for iOS on the App Store today!

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