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RealBlender | MK Platform for CRE Launches Today

by Kristyn Back

While there are plenty of platforms out there to help you find your next home (like Zillow and Redfin), when it comes to commercial real estate (CRE), more often than not, you’re navigating choppy waters on your own. Current options on the market tend to bypass the tenant altogether, with only the broker or landlord in mind – leading to outdated methods of searching, and properties laying vacant by the wayside. Enter RealBlender, a marketing platform providing the best search experience with a tenant-first approach to CRE. Here at Hype, we love to be the first to break the news, so we caught up with the team to hear all about their official launch – happening today!

Robert Poirier (Founder/President), Ryan Dickerson (Product Advisor), and Brian Antonelli (Technology Advisor) are the three musketeers behind RealBlender. With their powers combined, they make up over a decade of experience in CRE, full-stack development, and product development strategy. “After seeing a model that just didn’t work for either party, Robert came to me and Brian with some ideas on how he could do it better. After conducting market research and product evaluations, RealBlender was born,” gushes, Dickerson.

“Anytime market studies show you that the majority of prospective tenants are still driving around snapping pictures of property signage in hopes of finding a space, you know there’s an opportunity to address an underserved market.”

“We’re giving prospective tenants a way to search, save and connect with brokers on spaces of interest, all while providing brokers a free, unique marketing solution for their small to medium-sized vacancies. Our goal is make leasing these spaces much easier, by giving prospective tenants an avenue to search for listings so they can focus on actually running their business, not searching for space,” Poirier explains.

“We’ve built a marketing platform that provides these prospective tenants a way to search for spaces that have been historically harder for brokers to lease. No one else is trying to solve problems for companies of this size, and the commercial real estate market has significantly more focus on leasing the premium or Class A spaces. By focusing on small to mid-sized vacancies in the commercial real estate space, we’re able to provide small businesses with a tool they’ve never had available, while helping brokers close deals on spaces that aren’t always a focus.”

RealBlender will keep their launch focus right here in metro Atlanta – thanks to our high market visibility, abundance of small to mid-size spaces, and booming tech atmosphere. As an incoming startup fresh on the scene, let’s show them some love – and if you’re on the market for a CRE space be sure to check out their platform.

The team proudly calls Atlanta home – so of course they’re amped to launch right here in their stomping grounds. “The city has an extremely tech-friendly atmosphere, and with over 20,000 small to mid-sized commercial real estate vacancies, it’s the perfect sized market for us to establish a foundation.”

Stay tuned to hear more from RealBlender in the future, and in the meantime be sure to follow them:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBlender
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealBlender
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/real-blender

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