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Crapp Ideas: Two Apps Enter & Only One Walks Out…

by Carey Tucker

Startups have a hard time getting their idea off the ground. As a seasoned developer who had seen new ventures fail time and again, Atlanta resident Chris Turner wanted to remove the hurdles associated with launching an app. In 2014, he founded, 10Rocket, a dev shop that can build and launch an app in 10 business days for $10k (check out our previous coverage here). A big believer of assisting entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential, Turner and his colleagues have recently launched Crapp Ideas. We caught up with Chris to get the scoop on this fun, new project.

Although the 10Rocket team helps people get closer to their startup dreams everyday, “lately, we started noticed a trend: people aren’t having fun,” laments Turner. “Somewhere between total addressable market and customer acquisition costs, we’ve abandoned the childlike wonder that drives many of us to become entrepreneurs in the first place. But, what if we didn’t have to worry about funding or market share? What would we build if we literally had no concern for money? We wanted to create something that brings a little fun and silliness back to startups. Something that removes any and all boundaries to creating a fun and meaningful digital experience.”

With cappuccinos in hand and the brilliant branding mind of Alex Torres, they got to work. “Within a couple days we branded, designed and built crappideas.com,” he says. “It’s a great feeling to see something that was just an idea a couple days ago built and out in the wild. That’s where the real test begins, to see if people want it.”

How does it work?
Two app ideas go head to head on Crapp Ideas’ website and we, the people, vote by tweeting which one we’d like to see developed.

“We are looking for creative, off the wall, 2am in the morning ideas that you love and want to have fun with,” explains Turner. “We’re looking for ideas that are so fun that you don’t care if they ever make money. Something you’d never dream of paying thousands of dollars to build, but would love the chance to prove how amazing it is. We want simple ideas that can be explained in a tweet. If your idea involves machine learning, this probably isn’t the place for you.”

All you need to provide is:
– Your Name
– App Name
– Description
– Why should it be built

“Most importantly, we want to know why you want to build this,” he adds. “We want to work with people who are passionate enough about their crazy ideas to see them through once they’re built.”

If you’ve ever dreamed about an app that you never thought would come to fruition, contact Chris and the rest of the 10Rocket team at ideas@tenrocket.com to submit your idea. Follow Crapp Ideas on Twitter @crappideas and 10Rocket @tenrocket.

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