Cloudtags | Learn why they launched in the UK, but placed HQ in ATL

Store owners often have little idea what their customers are interested in purchasing before they make their final transaction. Even then they may not be aware of un-purchased items being considered. CloudTags exists to solve this problem. They understand the importance of physicial shopping experience and aim to compliment it with digital innovation. Their technology allows in-store customers to create digital collections of everything they interact with by using location based devices that are provided by the retailer. It creates omni-channel customers by engaging them digitally (in-store) and increasing identification prior to checkout. After leaving the store, advanced predictive models use this data to increase customer engagement and sales. Based on their clients’ objectives, they can drive purchases online or drive customers back to the store.

Here’s the scoop:

  • CloudTags was founded in 2012.
  • Co-founded by Ollie BathJames Yancey, Stephen Stuk, and Michael Glass.
  • The Nimbus Experience Engine, developed by CloudTags, is the leading intelligent content delivery and interaction scoring system for in-store digital customer experiences.
    • It utilizes patent-pending collaborative filters to model data across their retailers with customer tablets as well as personal devices.
  • Data sources include beacons and NFC for location and interactions, video observation, on-screen content engagement, staff interactions, cadence, pace and sequence in the store.
  • After customers opt-in via email, they are re-engaged with unique in-store remarketing strategies.
    • This includes a series of targeted emails, display ads and personalized content when they return to the website
    • This increases average order value by 15-20%.

We caught up with co-founder Michael Glass to hear a bit more about CloudTags.

How does ATL fit into your story?
We launched in the UK for early traction in the relatively concentrated London market, but are headquartered in Atlanta for a number of reasons: its a great place to find talent, its ratio of cost of living to standard of living is extremely attractive, and there are a surprising number of world-class businesses here – even beyond the headline names most people associate with ATL like Coke, Delta, UPS, Home Depot, GP. Atlanta is also where 3 or the 4 co-founders have called home for the last 25 years. So its our hometown as well as business’ HQ.

We’ve been able to take advantage of some of Georgia’s funding initiatives like the Georgia Research Alliance ( And because we do business on two continents and are pitching to many cities within the US, Atlanta’s easy access as an air travel hub is critical to us.

Who is your competition and how do you stand out?
The niche of in-store mobile CRM is nascent. Currently there are no direct competitors. Indirect competitors include Shopkick, Euclid Analytics, Tapcentive, Walkbase Swirl, Estimote, GPShopper and Demandware. To our knowledge, we are the only company modeling NFC customer experiences with physical product.

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