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ClosingPage Helps Sales Teams Close Those Deals With More Delightful, Effective Follow-Ups

by Muriel Vega

You have a rockstar sales team that brings in solid leads left and right. However, when it comes to closing those deals, the numbers may not be as strong. According to a recent study, that’s because about 80 percent of sales require at least five follow-ups — in contrast, 44 percent of salespeople give up after just one.

Sales follow-up platform ClosingPage takes the burden off of following up by providing your sales team with personalized templates to help them close that deal more effectively. With data and link tracking, your team can even see which parts of the prospective deal caught the client’s eye.

Co-founder and CEO K P, along with co-founders Vishal Kumar and Sharath Kuruganty, saw a gap in the B2B sales market after speaking to several marketing professionals at their B2B content design agency, BICAD Media.

“When we heard from B2B sales professionals complaining about how they’re not able to close more, how their very hot, active prospects are going cold, we realized this must be a bigger problem,” says K P. “We decided to dive in and do about six months of customer discovery.”

During those six months, the ClosingPage team met with 40 sales professionals to get to the bottom of their issue — dated follow-ups.

To analyze the customer feedback data further, K P recorded the conversation audio and collected any written correspondence to provide context and find patterns in the interviews. He shares that this was essential when debriefing the team and putting together their product development.

“There are so many companies out there that are doing prospecting and the initial lead generation, but there’s not so much focus on the closing mile,” says K P.

“Today, I have to go back to my laptop and send you a classic 1995-style email attachment,” says K P. “No one wants to open emails piled with attachments. We’re in 2018. It’s time for follow-ups to be slicker and for them to be delightful for you as the customer or as a prospect. Also, it’s time that I get analytics on my sales.”

In lieu of email attachments, the ClosingPage platform offers drag-and-drop landing pages with built-in tracking, personalized content, and customizable branding. In under five minutes, your sales team can create a targeted custom follow-up page for the prospective client with relevant product data, PDF, or slideshow that will help them decide whether your company is a good fit.

The platform recently went live after a beta test, and is now taking free sign-ups from LinkedIn users. The platform hopes to be as convenient and self-service as possible. If your sales team wants more options, the premium model offers customizable branding and special templates for a fee.

While currently bootstrapped, the team is interested in raising more funding down the line. “We are looking for funding, but we’re early,” says K P. “Right now our entire focus is growing the user base traction. We’re getting good numbers so far. Our goal is to grow the user base, grow the users, and build upon this traction that we have.”

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