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What to do? What to Do? Check in w/ Hugecity

by Ryan Waller

HUGECITY is your guide to events, occasions and get-togethers in your neighborhood – and every other neighborhood on the planet. Founded by Adam Wilson and Hugh Malkin in 2011, this app can hook you into the pulse of any city that you come across and save you the headache of searching for things to do.

Here’s the scoop:

  • It links with your Facebook account and uses your “Friends” and “Likes” to show you the events that are most relevant to you.
  • The app lists over 2 million events worldwide with 100’s of events in each major city every day.
  • Starting from one city, they gradually scaled to thousands of cities and neighborhoods around the world.
  • Available for free as a website, iOS app, and mobile website.
  • In 2013 received a seed of $155,000 in funding from Doug Curling (Managing Principal at New Kent Capital & New Kent Consulting.)
  • They were acquired by London based Time Out World earlier this year.

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