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Catchin’ Up with Gimme

by Carey Tucker

Last year, we covered Gimme, who had just wrapped up Georgia Tech’s startup summer. Gimme wants to take vending machines from an object that simply eats money and spits out Snickers to a tool that makes their owners more successful. We recently chatted with CEO & Co-Founder, Cory Hewett to get the scoop.

Hewett says the Gimme Core team is, “hustlin’ like crazy,” and now consists of Georgia Tech folks: Cory Hewett (Senior, CEO & Co-Founder), Evan Jarecki (Alum, CTO & Co-Founder), and Lizzie Jarecki, (Junior, UX & UI). “We’re proud to have two amazing advisors join the team: Bill Levisay, former SVP of Coca-Cola Marketing and Glenn Butler, a technical rockstar within the vending community,” he adds.

Evan Jarecki Gimme
Evan Jarecki, CTO & Co-Founder

“We’ve hit our seed fundraising needs, moved into our own offices, have begun manufacturing our own hardware, and launched with our first customer,” boasts Hewett. “The next steps for us are building extensive in-field experience using our tool and attracting additional good software talent to enhance our offering and promote growth!”

Gimme Hardware
The Gimme Hardware

Be sure to follow Gimme @gimmevend to keep up with them as they grow this year and beyond.

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