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CallRail’s Moving on Up to Downtown

by Carey Tucker

Talk to any digital marketer (who knows what they’re doing) and they’ll tell you how essential it is to know if their efforts actually help drive conversions. Tools like Google Analytics and SEO Moz are integral to any organization with an online presence, but they don’t paint the full picture. Call tracking softwares are one of the latest weapons available in a digital marketer’s arsenal and Atlanta-based startup, CallRail, is leading the charge. Their phone call tracking and analytics platform helps businesses understand which marketing campaigns are delivering those valuable phone call conversions. Put simply, CallRail wants you to know what makes your phone ring. Their rapid growth and recent success have prompted them to move into a bigger office in Downtown Atlanta. We recently chatted with Andy Powell (Co-Founder & CEO) to get the scoop on their exciting announcement.

Moving from right off of Tech Square, CallRail will soon call the Equitable building in Downtown home. Designed by Chicago-based architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the Equitable building has been a staple of the Atlanta skyline since its construction in 1968. Their new location will feature approximately 6,000 square feet of office space and the CallRail team are thrilled to be there. “There’s a movement for companies to head downtown,” says Powell. “Microsoft is moving a lab into the Flatiron building next door, which is exciting. Downtown office space is cheaper per square foot and you’re in close proximity to Georgia State and the Downtown talent pool. Also, a lot of the team bikes and takes MARTA to work, so the new location will make it easier for them.” Christian Devlin, Atlanta leader of CBRE’s Global Tech & Media Practice, represented CallRail in the office transaction.

More on Powell:
Andy always knew he wanted to start a business. He started building websites in high school, which gave him a taste for making money and working for himself. While studying at Georgia Tech, he founded i85media, which drives customer acquisition for auto repair shops through digital media. Following the Yelp business model, it is subscription-based service. “I started i85media because I had a classic BMW that was always falling apart and I needed a way to find a mechanic online,” he recalls.

Powell’s latest company evolved from his experience with i85media. “The car service guys wanted to know how effective their listing on i85 was.” He and his co-founder, Kevin Mann, wanted to enable businesses to stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work by showing business owners which ad campaigns deliver valuable phone calls. With some serious growth in 2015, the future is bright for CallRail.

In January, CallRail closed $1.9 million in Series A funding. In April, the Atlanta Business Chronicle listed CallRail as the 31st fastest growing private company in the city. This is CallRail’s second year on the list, ranking in 10th place for 2014. In the same month, CallRail were named a finalist at the Local Search Association’s Ad to Action Awards. Today, CallRail has 23 employees and they’d like to expand to 40 in their new office space.

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