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BuffBoxx Brings the World of Fitness to Your Doorstep

by Muriel Vega

Founder and CEO Robert L. Kushner IV and Vice President Jared Touchstone both came from athletic backgrounds and lead active lifestyles. This passion for fitness reflects back into their monthly subscription box service, BuffBoxx.

Between supplements, protein bars and athletic wear, the world of fitness can be a hard one to navigate. Staying motivated and trying new things in order to see results can be exhausting. Through BuffBoxx, you’ll gain fitness inspiration through a slew of name brand products — from apparel, healthy snacks, gym accessories and more.

Find out what you enjoy, score official Reebok swag, and give back with the option to donate to one of their six participating charities. What’s not to love as you bulk up, slim down, or just enjoy all the do-body-goodness that BuffBoxx inspires?

Kushner and Touchstone dish to Hypepotamus on why their BuffBoxx subscription can be a supplement to your life.

What inspired BuffBoxx?

I subscribed to BarkBox,  a similar subscription model,  and my dog was getting all these great things every month. I wondered was there anything for the fitness enthusiast? I found a couple boxes but it was not something that I would purchase and I consider myself  to be the target demographic. No premium apparels, no supplements that I would trust, just unvetted products being given away by emerging fitness brands.

There wasn’t a company filling the need and we filled it. A day after concept we had the LLC filed for and 8 months later we launched our first boxes. We had about 89 people that first month and I think we’ve got 20 of them hitting their year mark this month.

buffboxx-girlWhat’s your current funding situation?

We’re still bootstrapping. We’re doing about 25 to 30k in revenue a month. We need to raise funds because we need to be able to market more, reach more people, and create more conversion. We are looking to raise $300,000.

As far as target audience, who is the person that will subscribe to BuffBoxx?

It’s for anybody who’s interested in motivating themselves, anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction, and people who are already living the fitness lifestyle. When you get something new, you want to use it, you want to try it. 65% of our market is female and they do everything from trying to get into the fitness life to being hardcore fitness enthusiasts, maybe they bodybuild, maybe they do yoga. It’s a full spectrum of the different fitness practices. Our age groups are 18 to 24 and 25 to 34.

Box segmentation is currently based on male or female, sizes, and allergies. Scaling-wise, we’d like to be able to launch BuffBoxx Crossfit, BuffBoxx Yoga and target the people doing those specific exercises.

buffboxx_boxesWhat are the price points of the box?

We have the main box is $49.99 and that includes the Reebok apparel. We just launched the BuffBoxx Lite, which is $29.99 and it’s pretty much the same thing minus the Reebok apparel and in your first box we give you a branded BuffBoxx shirt. That’s where we’ve been able to tier to this point.

What makes BuffBoxx’s subscriptions boxes stand out from the rest?

Our box is delivering brand new fresh apparel by Reebok, you’re getting name brand healthy snacks and supplements that you can vet and try yourself. You know that we’re getting stuff from a premium brand or that is going to bring you pretty good value. These people who are our target audience like you said, aren’t just a CrossFitter or triathletes or weightlifters. These are people that are into fitness and experiencing and trying different things that help keep them motivated.

Why is customer service a big part of your brand?

Our customer service is something we value really highly so we want to make sure that we’re not getting too far ahead of ourselves in that everything we’re giving our customers is high in value, exactly what we’re selling them.

We have over 100 brand partners right now and until just recently we’ve only done Reebok as the apparel and we’ve started to do other vendors with there’s an inspire sock group we’ve done as a smaller throw in for some of the boxes.

buffboxx-boyAs far as marketing, how do you currently promote BuffBoxx?

Social media’s the main avenue for us. With us being 2 guys bootstrapping, we have a limited budget so we don’t have enough money to be flying around to events every other weekend. Social media gives us the most bang for our buck right now until we can obtain funding. For us, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, we’re on all the social media outlets. We do campaigns on Gilt, magazine ads, we do press releases for bigger events and we do our occasional events. In Atlanta, we set-up our booth at CrossFit gyms and regular gyms, yoga studios, and races.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?

Atlanta’s been a great hub for a lot of businesses. That’s very clear from Delta, Chick-fil-A, Coca Cola. This is our home, it’s awesome to have dreams, to build this here. We have aspirations of going global and that just makes sense for shipping and benefiting from shipping costs. I think as long as we can, as long as we have control, Atlanta will be our hub. We are really proud ATL-iens.

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