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Bloveit | Lovely App Finds the Perfect Date Spots

by Kristyn Back

Online dating blew the lid off of our traditional approach and revealed endless possibilities for finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. While more choices may lead to more dates, it doesn’t necessarily lead to love. With first impressions setting the stage for the future, finding the perfect date spot is essential. Enter Bloveit, an app that makes finding the perfect date spot a breeze. Step aside Paris, Atlanta’s the new city of love, with Bloveit making its debut right here in the heart of the South.

Ugo Ezeamuzie, Stephen Song, and Justin Lenox are the trio making love connections happen and putting Cupid out of commission in the process. Ezeamuzie, who left his corporate job for the startup world, is a modern day Hitch with a serious passion for dating and relationship dynamics. Song is the Product Designer, who also touts the title of Creative Director at Design Club and Co-Director at Startup Exchange. Lenox rounds out the trio as the iOS Developer who is also finishing up his degree in Computer Science at UGA. We recently caught up the guys to hear how they’re making hearts skip a beat with Bloveit.

Your Pitch: 
Bloveit is a date idea discovery app – it’s like Yelp for date ideas. We’ve built this app to solve a common pain point that millions of single and couple daters have almost every weekend – where to go / what to do on their dates. And how to find it in a fast and easy way. Bloveit curates the best date venues and ideas in your city, allows you to select the type of date you’re going on and then uses a proprietary recommendations algorithm to make personalized date idea suggestions. Bloveit complements this technology with beautiful photography, relatable copywriting and relevant date specific information to help users find date ideas in the fastest, easiest and most delightful way possible. Bloveit just launched in private beta.

What problem are you solving?
Bloveit is solving the problem of helping people find new, fun and interesting things to do on their dates. Whether you’re going for coffee on a first date, drinks on a second date or just a fun date night with your significant other, Bloveit wants to help you find the best date ideas in a fast and easy way.

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Please describe the market/industry impact:
The growth of Tinder and other mobile dating apps has not only brought a new wave of young people into the dating pool, but it has also increased the number of dates these millennials go on every week / month—a rapidly growing trend. But what happens after you swipe right and match with someone? How do you find a great date spot for drinks, coffee or something fun? That’s where Bloveit comes in.

Revenue Model:
Freemium model, consisting of free and premium account types for users and venues

How’d you get the idea for it?
While living in NYC, my friends and I would go on dates and tell each other about the places we would go to. We started keeping a list of all our favorite dates spots, the vibe / atmosphere at each place as well as anything particularly date worthy about the place. As the list grew, it started getting passed around to friends and then friends of friends and finally to random people we didn’t even know. After leaving my job at Morgan Stanley, I wanted to work on an idea that I was passionate about and one that solved a real problem. After thinking back at how that list of date venues helped us solve the problem of finding great date ideas, Bloveit was born.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
Yelp, google, Urban Spoon, Thrillist, Creative Loafing.

How does ATL weave into your story?
ATL is Bloveit’s first launch city because it has a lot of the elements that are perfect for an app like Bloveit. Not only do we have a great dating scene with lots of young, active singles and couples, but the city also has a bourgeoning food and events scene that makes for great date ideas. Unfortunately due to the sprawled out nature of Atlanta’s neighborhoods, many people don’t seem to venture out of their home neighborhood to explore. Bloveit hopes to help people find great date venues and activities around the city in a fast, easy way. It’s also pretty awesome for Bloveit to launch in Atlanta and Georgia Tech seeing that Ugo is a tech alum and Stephen is a Tech student.

Follow Bloveit:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bloveitinc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloveitinc
Instagram: https://instagram.com/bloveit/

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