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BlackForest | Aggregates Warnings for Cyber Attacks

by Tricia Whitlock

Georgia Tech Research Institute cyber-security specialists Ryan Spanier, Christopher Smoak, and Bryan Massey have developed an intelligence gathering system called BlackForest, This advanced open source  technology compiles information on the activities of hackers and alerts of possible cyber attacks.

Check out a few choice quotes and then read the full story from John Toon at Research News

  • “BlackForest is on the cutting edge of anticipating attacks that may be coming,” said Christopher Smoak, a research scientist in GTRI’s Emerging Threats and Countermeasures Division. “We gather and connect information collected from a variety of sources to draw conclusions on how people are interacting. This can drive development of a threat picture that may provide pre-attack information to organizations that may not even know they are being targeted.”
  • “You have to monitor what’s out in the wild that your company or organization owns,” said Spanier. “If you have something of value, you will be attacked. Not all attacks are successful, but nearly all companies have some computers that have been compromised in one way or another. You want to find out about these as soon as possible.”
  • “Individual organizations could gather the kinds of information monitored by BlackForest, but few organizations have the resources to connect the information. GTRI customizes the system to gather information specific to each user and their industry segment.” – JT
  • “BlackForest joins two other GTRI cyber-security systems already available. Apiary is a malware intelligence system that helps corporate and government security officials share information about the attacks they are fighting. Phalanx helps fight the spear phishing attacks that are carried out by tricking email recipients to open malware-infected attachments or follow malicious web links.” – JT

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