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BICAD Media Nabs Worldwide Design Prize

by Kristyn Back

BICAD Media is taking the creative design world by storm, breathing life into the design-thinking and storytelling of startups and brands. Their creative tool belt consists of pitch decks crafted on Prezi, UI for apps and websites, content marketing designs, and branding. We recently heard from Co-Founder and CEO, Kay Pee, on BICAD winning 1st place at the Worldwide Prezi Design Challenge (beating out 360+ entries) and how their story as the “Pixar of Pitch Decks” unfolded right here in Atlanta.

BICAD is an award-winning creative design agency infusing the power of design-thinking and storytelling into startups and brands. Our arsenal includes beautiful pitch decks crafted on Prezi, delightful UI for apps and websites, compelling content marketing designs, and branding projects.

So far, our pitch decks have created a remarkable impression for our clients amongst notable investors in stages like SXSW, Venture Atlanta, and 36|86 Nashville, winning several accolades and eventually closing seed/Series A rounds.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?
Atlanta is where the ball got rolling for us. I met our first Prezi client Jewel Burks (CEO of PartPic) in one of the Startup Village events in Atlanta Tech Village. More than 75% of our clients are from the Atlanta region and we love the entrepreneurial vibe here. Atlanta is a huge hub for smart, tech-savvy and passionate people with great ideas for their startups. But great ideas need great storytelling and presentation for investors/customers to believe in them. That’s where we come into play.

What services do you offer?
We generally offer design services in all of digital space but our niche has been mainly ‘Pitch Decks’ and ‘Mobile Apps’. We work with clients and attack even the most complex startup pitches with sheer clarity. We hate cluttered, bullet-pointed slides and instead rely on the art of storytelling that flows seamlessly and creates an emotional connection with the investors/customers.

We are authorized Prezi and Canva experts. Additionally, we provide excellent pitch practice and Prezi training sessions to our clients to ensure they nail their presentations.

Examples of your work:

What are you most proud of:

  • Helping PartPic win 1st Prize in the prestigious SXSW this year with a really creative pitch deck
  • Winning the World #1 Prezi pitch deck award in Budapest beating 360+ entries
  • A comment made by our recent client: You guys are like the “Pixar of Pitch Decks”

In what ways does your creative agency cater to startups and technology?
We believe a good pitch is a deck. A great pitch is always – a story. That’s why we go an extra mile for our clients to ensure we are also helping them craft a compelling story apart from the visual aspect. Our unique strength lies mainly in simplicity and designing unforgettable pitch decks eliminating any extra ounce of clutter from the designs.

We take a very collaborative approach with our clients to first learn about their vision and then proceed with the structure and style. We both (co-founders of BICAD) have had roots in technology as we were engineers in our previous careers. So we understand technology to the grain.

We have worked with some of the most complex, hardware, non-sexy and hard-to-crack clients and gave their decks a human touch. An emotional connect with the investors and customers alike.

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