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Bettercloud’s Tools, Trends & Culture

by Tricia Whitlock

BetterCloud is the leading provider of management and security software for cloud enabled organizations around the world.

Earlier this year we gave you a rundown of the company and their inspiration. Check it out, and then continue reading below to learn about their favorite tools, how BetterCloud stays on top of trends and why they focus on building a culture of independence.

Collaboration Tools & Processes Do You Use:
Operating fully in the cloud and on Google Apps provides incredible opportunities for virtual collaboration – something that’s vitally important to keep both our offices in sync. An internal Google+ community serves as our enterprise social network, video calls are held over Hangouts, Google Docs allow team members to edit and collaborate in real time and third-party tools for Google Apps like Lucidchart and Smartsheet keep us on task.

Where do you gain your insights from and how do you stay on top of emerging trends?
We’re big on big data. We use Google Analytics, Pardot and most recently Birst to manage information gleaned from various areas of the company. And we spend hours speaking to existing and prospective customers, IT admins and CIOs at large and small companies gathering needs, pain points and information on how we can improve our application and their day to day work.

What’s Unique About Your Company Culture:
Our team has grown quickly, but something that makes us unique is that no matter how quickly we grow, we make sure that each and every employee feels autonomous. By giving team members space to take on their own projects, they feel more ownership and in turn passion for their work and the company as a whole.

What You Need Most Right Now:
Killer Java developers. We’re growing quickly and looking to expand the engineering team in Atlanta. Check out bettercloud.com/careers for more information.


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