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In Beta: Mobile App for Concession Sales

by Tricia Whitlock

The problem with food sales at stadiums is, everyone waits for a break in the game to go to the concession stand to order. That means long lines and most sales only happening during breaks in the game. This equates to a less than par experience for the guest and less revenue for the stadium management.

 The Solution: MoblTabl (pronounced “Mobile Table”) allows stadiums and arena guests order food from the comfort of their seats, reducing long lines at concession stands and increasing the sales window.

 They are looking to attract beta customers. Read more below & then give it a shot! 

 The Scoop: 

  • Since MoblTabl is cloud based, implementation doesn’t require any technical knowledge from the stadium staff and stadiums can be up and running within a week.
  • Stadium guests can access the stadium menu (sample) from any smart phone.
  • Stadium staff can access orders placed, product/pricing information and reports all from an internet accessible computer or laptop.
  • This is the creation of George Verghis of Sea Marvel Tech Solutions. His past products include nuQolus– a iPad based tool for landscape architects, MapTractions– a map to help guests at zoos and parks & MoblEar – a free iPhone based app to help the slightly hearing impaired use their phones instead of unsightly hearing aides (targeted for late 2014).

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