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With First Pre-Seed Round, Atlanta-based Talli Helps Busy Parents Track Baby’s Daily Life

by Maija Ehlinger

Lauren Longo knows, like every parent, that there is no ‘easy button’ for childcare.

But her Atlanta-based startup Talli is looking to create a console that just might come close. 

Longo started her career in management and UX consulting. The road to building Talli after she found out she was pregnant with her second child in 2016. 

While her daughter was born healthy, Longo told Hypepotamus that it was important to monitor her sleep, growth, feeding, and development.

Longo quickly found that there was no easy way to organize and track such metrics, especially when multiple family members and care providers were involved. 

“We’ve always worked in technology, and thought ‘it’s 2016, there must be an app for that,” Longo told Hypepotamus. “And it turns out there are some great apps for baby tracking, until you actually try to use them in a real-life scenario where you’re severely sleep deprived, you’re completely stressed out and overwhelmed, and you’re tracking these events [for the baby] around the clock. These are things you are tracking 20, 30 times a day for those first few weeks. Even the best apps require multiple steps to log even the simplest of things.” 

Using her technology background, coupled with her husband’s background in hardware and software development, Longo first beta tested the device with parents across the country. 

“It doesn’t sound like much, but the amount of friction that reduces, instead of having to go through five or six steps in an app — to just hit a button that sends that data to an app…it really adds up over the course of a day or a week.” 



Hypepotamus first caught up with the Longo’s in early 2019. Since then, the startup has launched an Alexa skill. Earlier in 2020, Talli also started a COVID-19 symptom tracking app. 

Now the hardware/software startup has raised its first pre-seed round from Atlanta-based Outlander Labs

Talli is now taking pre-orders for their Talli Baby console, which is pre-configured the one-touch device designed specifically for parents to track sleeping, nursing, and many more data points to ensure an infant develops properly. 

From a business model, the unique part about Talli’s hardware is that it can evolve and adapt to meet the needs faced at different stages of life. As Longo pointed out to Hypepotamus, Talli can ultimately be reconfigured to track medication use, potty training, or any event associated associated with different stages of life.

“We decided to build in a way that the platform doesn’t know, or care, what kind of events it is tracking.” And that, perhaps, just might be the easy button parents are looking for. 

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