Travel Hotline wants to change how we book travel. Even before launching, more than 20,000 people wanted to try it out.

If just the thought of planning that big summer vacation makes you stressed, you might want to check out the newly-launched platform Travel Hotline.

New York transplant and now Atlanta-based entrepreneur Nylobie Pierre Paul got the idea for the tech-focused company after seeing that travelers did not have access to a single platform that could help with all the planning that goes into making a vacation possible. The AI-powered platform works as a comprehensive travel platform, whether users are looking to book a solo trip or a group vacation.

Pierre Paul calls her ideal customers “effortless explorers.”

Unlike other travel technology giants like Expedia or Kayak, Travel Hotline is focused on building a user-centric platform. Even before launching, Travel Hotline has found an impressive number of customers. Before launching officially on June 7, Travel Hotline already amassed more than 22,000 people on its waitlist.

“Everyone just wants their travel plans made fast and easy. The human brain is wired to prioritize efficiency and conserve energy, which ultimately just means to take the easiest route,” she told Hypepotamus.

AI In The TravelTech World

Pierre Paul said she is intentionally building Travel Hotline as an AI-powered, not AI-focused, platform.

“We leverage AI as a tool to make your travel planning even more efficient, but our algorithm at its core does not solely rely on artificial intelligence. User experience is everything to us. We’re really a product focused team. Connecting with our customers on a personal level will be very hard to do with AI in the driver’s seat.”

Pierre Paul used her friends and family’s network to get the initial group of people signed up for the waitlist.  But access to capital has been difficult to date.

“It can be disheartening at times, but I’m not deterred. I’m prepared to travel or even move to different states to get my business off the ground as fast as I need it to,” she added.

Want to keep up with Travel Hotline as it gets off the ground? Here are the important links: 

Website: Travel Hotline

Founder LinkedIn: Nylobie Pierre Paul

Those interested in joining the private beta can reach out to Pierre Paul directly or can join the waitlist