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Taking Notes: Meet The Tampa App Designed To Help You Stop Forgetting Things

by Maija Ehlinger

Tampa-based Twos App is out to change the way we write things down. 

That might sound like a tall order, but founders Joe Steilberg and Parker Klein saw a fundamental flaw in the way we jot down notes, be it grocery lists, restaurant recommendations, or meeting notes. 

“I used to use notebooks, calendars, reminders, and texting/emailing myself to ease my ADHD mind. Parker would write about how he was feeling in Google Docs and Apple Notes in order to cope with his depression. What we realized is now our information was spread between a variety of slow and unorganized places – so we set out to build the solution,” said Steilberg. 

Twos has a variety of target users, be it parents looking to remember sports schedules, writers trying to organize their thoughts, or managers keeping track of random work activities. Perhaps it is best thought of as notes app, calendars, to-dos, lists, and reminders all rolled into one. 

As the name suggests, Twos is tackling the note-taking problem from two sides: it has both private and social elements. “In order to build the best place to write things down, we believe there has to be a way to share the things you write down. In the first version of Twos, we had public sharing. We removed it in V2 to improve the private capture experience. Soon, we will relaunch the social side of Twos we’re calling “Twos World” for people to remember and share family recipes, recommendations, and even book notes with one another,” he added. 

Tampa Takes Notes 

Steilberg and Klein come to Tampa by way of University of South Carolina  and Vanderbilt University respectively. Steilberg previously worked in private equity, sales, and real-estate management and Klein is a computer scientist.

Founded in 2021, Twos is building from its office at the University of Tampa Spartan Incubator Program. But it has been growing through word of mouth within the “personal knowledge management” community and all those people who love checking to-dos off the list. 

That B2C model has caught the attention of local investors as well. Two Technologies raised a $1.4 million pre-seed round from TampaBay.Ventures. The early stage firm has also invested in Southeast companies like Procoto, Slide, Spontivly, Betr, and Reptrics. 

Those interested in where Twos goes next don’t have to look too far. The team is dedicated to building in public and has its Trello board roadmap up directly on its website. Steilberg said it is all about “listening to our user’s problems and developing Twos to be their solution.” 

He added that using a public roadmap allows users to “add cards for features they want to see, and vote on other people’s suggestions. Almost all of what is on the roadmap comes from our users.”



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