“The Shark Tank Effect Is Real”: Metric Mate evolves into the B2C fitness space

When we talked to Metric Mate in April of last year, the Atlanta-based SportsTech startup was focused on going business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) to get its personal workout tracker into the hands of gym owners and fitness fans across the country. 

Since then, the team has been busy refining its product and its pitch. Most notably, Metric Mate participated in the latest Techstars Atlanta cohort and was on the Demo Day stage in October. 

Then, Shark Tank came knocking. 

Consumer product businesses and unique startups often dream about pitching in front of celebrity investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner on the popular business competition show. Metric Mate got the chance to record their pitch last year and officially got to see their episode air in the early weeks of 2023. 

We won’t put any spoilers in this article in terms of whether or not they took the shark’s deal. But those who missed the episode can check out the pitch – and see Mark Cuban get some reps in with the product – on Hulu on season 14, episode 11. 

But we can say, the pitch has already changed a lot about the future of the business. 

After putting their product in front of the general Shark Tank audience, Metric Mate decided to pivot into the B2C market. That new focus accelerated the startup’s goal of getting Metric Mate’s into the hands of individuals working on their fitness goals. 

The goal, co-founder and CEO M-T Strickland told Hypepotamus, is to be shipping out product by Q4 2023…just in time for Black Friday shopping and New Years Resolution planning. 

Pre-orders are currently being accepted on the website. It is also fully up on the Android and Apple store with a plan to launch a trainer-specific portal shortly. 

Beyond Shark Tank 

Recording an episode of Shark Tank does not guarantee that it will air nationally. It wasn’t until Christmas Eve that the Metric Mate team learned their pitch would be part of a 2023 episode. 

The Atlanta startup community rallied behind the fitness startup, with places like the Russell Center hosting watch parties to cheer on the team. 

“The opportunity to get in front of that audience and explain what Metric Mate is, why it’s important, and how we can make not only your fitness journey better but make your life better…we’ve seen a great response from that. The Shark Tank effect is real,” added Strickland. “Pitching at Shark Tank brought not only new cash flow, new pre orders and a new community, but also new investors to the table.”

Outside of the pitch, Metric Mate has been garnering interest from professional sports clubs, large entertainment organizations, governmental agencies, and universities. Metric Mate’s technology even served as the scorekeeper for a weight lifting competition in 2022. 

The entrepreneurial road is bumpy for any startup. Currently, the Metric Mate team is working through supply chain and manufacturing plans, government certifications, fundraising options, and other business opportunities to ensure they are capturing the attention of more customers. 

“We’re also trying to have fun,” Strickland told Hypepotamus. “All the things we have to do as founders could be daunting…we have to make sure that we keep our energy levels high.” 

The long-term goal, Strickland told Hypepotamus, is to use physical fitness data as a way to “advance the human condition.”